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Leaving Los Angeles for Kirkland – how to adjust to a new environment

If you think about the US West Coast the first place you think of is California and sunny LA. However, there are many great cities to settle into on the West Coast. Many Californians already have a list of favorite places they like in WA. So, if you are up for a change of scenery then leaving Los Angeles for Kirkland can be a good idea. Moving up the coast can be an enticing idea if you want to make a significant change and make yourself a new home. So, let’s see what is needed to make such a move and adapt after it.

Leaving for Kirkland – what does it have

Although the state of Washington and Kirkland is not the first association for the West Coast they are great place to live in. Here you won’t find the sunshine and beaches but the great outdoors is one of the dominant features of the area.

Mountains and the great outdoors
Change of scenery is one of the biggest changes when moving here

Kirkland offers a beautiful waterfront and is a paradise in its own right. This is one of the main reasons why local movers like are keeping busy with the people moving in. Here is what to look for when moving to Kirkland

  • Fresh lifestyle
  • Easy access to Seattle
  • Great dining
  • Nature, trails, and parks

Waterfront lifestyle

If you want to forget about the beaches of Los Angeles then Kirkland is the place for you. The whole state offers a much different feel. Both Seattle and Kirkland share the same type of lifestyle. They offer a waterfront lifestyle on publicly accessible waterfront parks and beaches. The coast of Lake Washington is a place of picturesque areas that stretch for miles.

This place offers unparalleled views and escapes. Here you can enjoy the David E Berk park and Saint Edvard’s park which offer untouched and pristine nature. Residents here have the opportunity to get on the water. Many of them pwn shoreline homes with private docks that allow them to enjoy this beauty at their whim.


Kirkland is a great suburb of Seattle and it has much to offer. It has the convenience and entertainment options that are perfect for its residents. However, sometimes the city is what the residents need. Today millennials find Seattle an interesting place to live or work. As this is the closest suburb of Seattle it is a short 20-minute drive from the center of the city. One of the most desirable areas the Bellevue is directly connected to Kirkland.

Nature view is the thing to adapt to when Leaving Los Angeles for Kirkland
The great outdoors of Kirkland is something to enjoy

Dining options

Although not quite as diverse ads LA Kirkland has its fair share of diversity in dining. It is not as diverse as Seattle but it is home to some of the best ethnic cuisine in the state. The waterfront location influences its seafood base cuisine and fish restaurants located in the area. From traditional restaurants, you can as easily taste a touch of Indian food and food from south India. There is a wide array of authentic dishes and flavors that complete the dining experience. Many restaurants come with a great view of the surrounding nature.

Nature, trails, and parks

As already stated the Kirkland area has some of the best nature you can experience. This is a visually stunning area offering a glimpse into lush tree forests and green trails with a mountainous backdrop. You can make use of and fully enjoy the great outdoors in Juanita Beach Park and Waverly Beach Park. During the summer you can enjoy warm days engaging in some beach volley and sunbathing. You can also enjoy some hiking on the Forbes Creek Trail as well as Cotton Hill Trail. During the spring these trails offer a lunch color surroundings and views of the waterfront.

Moving and adapting after leaving Los Angeles for Kirkland

Kirkland is not the first destination that comes to mind when deciding to Leave LA. However, it is a unique city that is inviting but that takes time to adjust to. Here is what you should know about moving here and adapting.

Family moving in
There is a lot to prepare for and adapt to but it won’t be too hard to do

Get moving assistance

Getting prepared for moving and finding assistance is of utmost importance. A move here is a challenging task. It is difficult for people unaccustomed to moving. So the important thing is to prepare for moving and getting help. Luckily, there are many options available for moving into Kirkland. You can easily team up with local pros that can handle a wide variety of moving services that you might require. They will also provide storage if necessary and handle your belongings securely and with ease. Finding the right help and arranging for storage will make your move less stressful and much easier.

Leaving Los Angeles for Kirkland – adapting

There are many tips to help you adapt to your new surroundings. here are a few that will help you get used to Kirkland more easily:

  • The weather. Adapting to the weather in Kirkland and Seattle takes some time. Especially if you are making a change from LA you are in for a shock. Summers here are warm and dry while the winter can be quite cold and wet. The rainfall here is quite frequent so adapting to that much rainfall can be the greatest t challenge.
  • Job Market. The career opportunities offered by Kirkland and the greater Seattle are great. Tech industry and software development, eCommerce, and consulting lead the way here. You will have plenty of opportunities starting your career in the city that offers some of the best job opportunities. This is also great for many people leaving LA to work in smaller towns and cities.
  • Food. The diet here is based on seafood. Some of the best restaurants here offer a full pallet of dishes for every taste.

Relocating to Kirkland

So, leaving Los Angeles for Kirkland may be a great chance that you will have to adapt. However, it’s not a major change that can put you off from moving. Mostly it’s about the weather but there are other things to compensate for. You just need to have an open mind and a positive attitude. Once you get a positive outlook on this move it will be easier to adapt to your new surroundings.

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