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Leaving LA for NJ – Top 5 New Jersey Counties for Families With Kids

Relocating from point A to point B is definitely a process. Although moving often seems overwhelming, there are ways to simplify the experience and stress less. Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s really important to be organized and to think ahead. Having a plan is key when leaving Los Angeles and moving to New Jersey, and it will help you relocate hassle-free. Throughout the rest of the text, we’ll explore some of the basics of a successful move while evaluating the top New Jersey counties for families with kids. 

Leaving LA

Once you decide to relocate and are sure about leaving Los Angeles, you should first sit down and come up with a solid moving plan. A well-structured plan will help you in many ways. You’ll be able to visualize the move without stressing about it as it will all be organized well ahead. The key is to breakdown the relocation into multiple stages in order to be able to focus on each step individually. 

Palm trees against the evening sky.
Before you leave LA, ensure to make a moving plan that you can use as a guide throughout your relocation to New Jersey. It’s the key to a successful and simple move.

As you are moving from LA to New Jersey, giving yourself a lengthy timeline for the move is both necessary and beneficial. With plenty of time before the moving day, you will have time to plan out everything. For example, it’s important to consider professional assistance for a move with this much distance in between. Therefore, cross country moving should be handled by experts. A reliable moving company will have the experience and the necessary equipment to swiftly transfer your belongings to your new home. 

New Jersey

As we mentioned above, a plan is very important when moving. Especially when relocating with a family and kids. Maintaining organization throughout the process is the main ingredient to simplifying everything. In addition, teamwork as well! Before we break down the process of moving into multiple stages, you should get familiar with New Jersey first. Deciding the exact location for you and your family is important. Therefore, ensure to spend enough time conducting research on the top New Jersey counties for families with kids. Luckily, we can also help. 

The city of New York pinned on a map.
The main ingredients for a successful cross-country move include a good plan, thorough research, focus, and efficiency.

 If you are unsure which counties within NJ are top choices for families, we did the research for you! Here are the top five counties to move to with kids:

  1. Somerset County
  2. Essex County
  3. Morris County
  4. Cape May County
  5. Bergen County

Somerset County – the number one among the top New Jersey counties for families with kids

One of the best counties in New Jersey, Somerset ranks high in a variety of categories. With a very good public school system, and plenty of outdoor activities to partake in, moving here with your family would be a great idea! Visit the community ahead of time and see if you see yourself relocating here. 

Essex County

Another great county within the state, if not the best! Essex is a diverse community with lots of culture and friendly people. With the school system ranked high as well, and the median home value averaging around $370 000, Essex would be a wise choice for a family to move to. In addition, if you decide to move within the area of this county, you should ask locals for assistance. Getting a team of local professionals to help you settle in is definitely a plus. 

A courthouse in the Essex Countywhich is certainly one of the top New Jersey counties for families with kids.
Essex County is one of the best NJ counties to move to with your family.

Morris County

Next on the list is the Morris County, and this area of New Jersey had deep historical roots. With lots of culture and a great atmosphere overall, Morris County is known for good schools and plenty of bars and restaurants to visit. Meanwhile, the average home value is a little bit higher than Essex, with the median prices being around mid $400 000s. 

Cape May County

In Cape May County, the median home prices are just underneath $300 000s. With these average numbers, it is a little more affordable than Essex or Morris County. On the other hand, it is another community with plenty of good things for a family to look forward to. The schools are rated high and are well established, while there are many parks to explore or coffee spots to try out!

Bergen County

Last but not least, Bergen is one of the safest counties in New Jersey. The average home prices range at about the same values as the other counties, and there are still plenty of restaurants and bars to visit, parks to take walks in, and the schools are also highly rated.


Once you have your location set and well researched, you can move onto the other important stages of your relocation to New Jersey. Before you leave LA, decide what and how much of your stuff you will be moving across the country. A good way to pre-pack for your move is to declutter and get rid of excess items. Remember, the lighter your move, the easier everything becomes. Therefore, analyze your belongings and items and get rid of everything and anything that you know you won’t need once you move away. 

After you have done all that, start packing by going room by room and categorize your boxes. Ensure to label each and every box so that the movers can easily recognize what they are carrying and how to handle it. As you pile boxes together, double-check that you have booked your moving company and your moving day. Get in touch with well ahead so that you can have a set timeline for your move. 

Family Move

A family move is just as overwhelming as any other move. Ensuring that you organize and plan everything ahead of time, while also making sure that your kids will have a good future in New Jersey is essential. With a solid and reliable plan, you can follow an efficient moving timeline while conducting necessary research. All in all, take your time and don’t rush your decisions. Stay focused, rely on your plan, and most of all enjoy this exciting experience you are about to embark upon. 

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