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LA vs NYC: where to start your music career

LA vs NYC – this is a hundred years old battle. Those two cities are often compared and yet they are completely different. It’s impossible to say which one is better. What we do know is they are both amazing, word-wide known cities. Both are known to be great places for entertainers. If you are one of them, especially if you are in the music industry and trying to figure out which one will be the best for you – stick around. We will show you everything you need to know. Also, we will point you in the right direction so you can see for yourself which one is the right choice.

The most common question

Do you know which question is most commonly asked when comparing the two cities? Which city is more expansive? So, we will be talking more about prices for a bit since you are too probably wondering. If you still haven’t made it in the industry business this is something you need to consider surely. If not, just skip this part and continue reading the rest. You obviously understand that both cities are pretty expansive. Housing, basic costs of living – everything can be very costly here.

A girl looking at some dollar banknotes while thinking about costs of living in LA vs NYC
Everybody knows that both LA and NYC are expensive cities.

West Coast vs East Coast

This basically means LA vs NYC since those are the two greatest cities on those two coasts. When you compare overall prices you will notice that LA is cheaper a bit. According to a famous website Zillow – the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is only $106 per month higher in NYC than in LA. This is not a significant difference as you can see. If you continue researching like this you will see that the same pattern can be seen. LA will almost always be cheaper but just a bit. If you are just starting your musical career you should consider prices versus opportunities that one city can give you.

The diversity

If you compare LA vs NYC when it comes to diversity – New York will get the points. This is what makes this city. In the same street, you can see an ultra-popular drag bar and a synagogue – all getting along just fine. That’s part of this city charm. With that being said you can count on the public whatever genre your music is. The only problem here is that you will have more competition in NYC than in LA. But, for many people competition can actually be a great motivator.

Where to start your musical career in NYC

A better question is where not to start – New York has everything that one musician might need from Carnegie Hall to small dimly-lit jazz clubs or amazing annual festivals. This is also a great place if you want to run into a famous musician. You just need ambition and a little bit of imagination. All you need to do is relocate here. Local NYC movers can help you to settle in quickly and carefree so you can focus on your career.

The performance of a band.
Can you imagine how exciting it is to perform in NYC?

Starting a musical career in LA

A good thing about living in LA is that it allows you to get your name out to locals in the area and some of them are giants in the music industry. It’s important that you are aware that when it comes to entertainment – the music industry is the hardest to break into. Also, it’s important that you know that it is not impossible especially if you get recognized in a city like LA.

How to choose?

Choosing is never easy. LA vs NYC is an especially difficult choice to make. Both cities can be great for your career and yet both are very competitive. You should research both thoroughly and maybe even try making pros and cons lists. See where you can start performing before you relocate. Try to make some connections, you can do that online. Platforms like Instagram can be great for starting your musical career too! Make sure to explore all the options before choosing the city.


After you decide on a city and before starting your carrier you need to deal with relocation. The only way to do this stress-free is by hiring reliable movers like to help you out. Especially if you are traveling with your instruments. Without professional equipment and a trained team, they can get ruined along the way and that is something you do not want. That’s why it is always a good idea to leave relocation to professionals and you can focus on making your music career public.

A couple packing for a move
Movers can make this relocation hassle-free (for you).

Getting to know your movers

Don’t be shy, ask them everything you want to know and they will gladly explain how the whole process works and give you the estimate. If you have some valuable items traveling with you make sure to talk to your movers about moving insurance and see how that works. If you want to see all the additional services they are offering the best way is to check their website.

Good luck with your career

We hope you will be able to choose between those two cities (LA vs NYC) and that soon enough you will relocate. When it comes to making it in the moving industry it’s important that you take your time and be patient. Make sure to have fun along the way. Soon enough you will be performing and traveling so maybe one day you will make it to both cities. Don’t worry, you won’t make a wrong decision both cities can be full of amazing opportunities in your line of work so whatever you decide will surely work just fine. Good luck and we hope to hear from you (or about you).

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