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LA vs NYC – Which is better?

Before considering this burning issue for many people, it is necessary to understand one thing. Having enough money makes both of these cities comfortable and convenient for living. Maybe you have already decided which city you would choose. Or you think that NYC is undoubtedly better, especially Brooklyn. If that is the case, long distance movers in Brooklyn can help you move to this city without stress. But, if you haven’t decided yet, we can help you with that. So, LA vs NYC, which one is better?

                                                       We will compare living in these cities to help you make a decision

In each of them: in Los Angeles and New York, there are both pluses and minuses. They are not so significant if you are planning to choose one of these cities only for idle pastime or self-improvement in any of the arts. At the same time, these differences can radically affect your life. Especially if you are going to settle in New York or Los Angeles for work without having sufficient financial resources.

What to do if you don’t have much money

If you are moving with very small amount of money, then by most parameters New York is a better choice. Why exactly NYC – we will now consider in detail. If you can afford not to work for a couple of months in order to get a local driving license and buy a car – you can try to settle in Los Angeles. It is best to compare advantages and disadvantages of both, living in LA and living in NYC.


 You will have to work hard in both LA or NYC

Both in New York, and in Los Angeles, you can find a lot of work. Therefore, in this respect, they differ little from each other. Objectively, there is a little more work in the NYC, because the average standard of living is a little higher. According to statistics, the unemployment rate in Los Angeles is higher than in New York (8.5% vs. 7.4%).

If you come with someone and both of you are looking for a job, it will be easier for you to find it in New York. At first, indeed, it will be a little hard, given the high rental rates, both in NYC and in LA. Either way, on you can regularly find various vacancies in both cities.

Renting an apartment

Cost of renting an apartment in New York is slightly higher than in LA. And we do not take into account Manhattan, we are only talking about the budget segment of real estate. A flat with one bedroom or a studio that can be called decent, you can rent starting from $ 1200-1300. Approximately the same prices are in Los Angeles. However, the quality of real estate in LA is higher, and the living space is bigger than in NYC. Due to that fact, you get a housing of a little better quality for the same money. Although, of course, you can always find a nice basement apartment for $900 somewhere in Brighton Beach. So, in LA vs NYC renting costs, victory goes to LA.


traffic jam
     Traffic jams are really common thing in LA

In New York, you can live without a car. The transportation system in NYC is one of the best in the country, which will allow you not to spend money and time to buy a car. In Los Angeles, the situation is completely opposite. Even if you find a suitable job for you, you can not start it if you don’t have a car. Although, there is a city bus network and a subway in LA, but, unlike NYC, they are poorly developed. The basis for the movement of local residents is a system of high-speed highways.

There are quite large traffic jams in Los Angeles. In contrast to New York, where expensive parking in Manhattan, as well as its absence, makes it uneconomic for many local residents to regularly use the car. In LA parking is much easier. But the widespread use of cars causes very heavy traffic on the roads during rush hour.


The climate in Los Angeles is more favorable than in New York. In contrast to the East Coast, with its high humidity, it is hot and dry in California. But many people do not like it. Some of them are replacing LA for NYC because of the climate. It’s cold and windy in New York in the winter, which is also not everyone’s preference. LA vs NYC – it is tied here!

General satisfaction

If you want radical changes in your life – choose Los Angeles. Here, as in New York, to achieve minimal success, you will also have to work a lot. But as a free bonus to this you get palm trees and a warm, dry climate. You can successfully cope with the summer heat using air conditioning in the car and in the apartment. But in New York you have to cope with rain and slush every day. Especially when spending an hour and a half on a trip in public transport (this is only one way).  So if you want to escape from the dullness of your living area into the city of skyscrapers – you will not get to Manhattan, but to the same gray area of Brooklyn or Queens. LA vs NYC – another victory for LA!

LA vs NYC – final decision

Of course, you will be working in Manhattan. But you’ll live in a regular small-sized studio on the suburb, looking at the brick wall of a neighboring house. And when you get to your feet and can finally get out of your neighborhood, all these famous skyscrapers, for which you are here, will be completely indifferent to you.

Certainly, if you don’t have at least $15,000 to start, do not even dream about coming to Los Angeles. It makes sense to go to the City of Angels with less money only if there is two of you. And you both expect to find a job, which will allow you to pay rent and bills. Hopefully, there will be some money left for you. But if you are alone, poor and you do not have acquaintances who can host you for the first couple of months – then, without any hesitation, choose only New York.

January 28, 2018

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