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How to unpack after a move?

When planning their relocation, most people busy themselves with packing strategies and moving companies, and rightfully so. These are very important factors to every move, but rarely anyone thinks ahead of time and plans for what comes next: unpacking. Imagine yourself surrounded by all the boxes in your new apartment – where do you begin? But don’t start panicking yet! Read the following advice and devise a plan on how to unpack after a move.

Essentials come first

box labeled 'moving day'
Having an essentials box will prove extremely useful on the first night in your new home

Unpacking isn’t something that you can do in one day, at least not if you’re doing it alone. So, when you prepare for moving, take a couple of chaotic post-move days into account. For this reason, you need to pack an essentials box, which will come in handy those first few days. You don’t want to spend your first night rummaging through all your boxes trying to find a toothbrush, do you? That’s why this is the first box that you’ll unpack after a move, containing everything you need to get by during the settling process. This box is especially important if you’re moving internationally – since your belongings might not be delivered right away. In this way, you can track your move from beginning to end in peace.  Other than toiletries, here are some of the less obvious items you should include in your essentials box:

  •  chargers
  • cleaning supplies
  • garbage bags
  • clothing (including sleepwear and underwear)
  • a portable tool kit (don’t forget a pair of scissors or a knife for opening the boxes!)

Create an organizing system to successfully unpack after a move

Ideally, you’ve packed your stuff in boxes according to usage or by room. If that’s the case, the

kids carrying boxes
Kids can also help you unpack after a move – involve them and make the process fun!

first thing to do is to place the boxes in the correct rooms. This will make the unpacking process a lot easier since you won’t have to pile all the boxes in one room. Plus, it will save you a lot of running back-and-forth all over the apartment. One of the best solutions is to use organizing systems such as color-coding or numbering the boxes and rooms. If you’re moving with children, this will be a great opportunity to involve them in unpacking because they will only have to match a box with a room.


Where to start?

Now that all the boxes are in the rooms they belong in, you must be wondering what to do next. It might be best to begin with the largest items first, such as furniture. Devise a floor plan to save yourself the trouble of moving different pieces of furniture across the room. Then comes the question: What rooms to prioritize? This depends on your lifestyle, as it dictates what is the first room you will unpack after a move. If you’re working from home, then a working space in your living room is a top priority. On the other hand, if you are a cooking enthusiast who enjoys you’ll want to clear up your kitchen first.

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