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How to store breakables

If you are wondering how to store your breakables, we are here to help you out. Moving fragile items and storing them can be quite difficult simply because they are hard to work with. Any little mistake can be fatal for them so you need to take extra care while packing them and preparing them either for relocation or for storing.

Bubble wrap

If you ask movers (who are experts in this field), they will tell you that bubble wrap is always good when it comes to protecting your breakables. Please note that this is not the most eco-friendly solution but it is quite good at saving your beloved household items.

bubble wrap you need when storing breakables
Bubble wrap is a quite good solution and great for protecting fragile items.

How to store breakables eco-friendly way?

Nowadays people pay a lot of attention to recycling and being eco-friendly as much as possible. That is good for all of us. Preserving nature is the key to our survival because without fresh air and clean water we are pretty much doomed. So, if you are looking to store your breakables and be green while doing it – think to recycle. You can use old t-shirts to wrap your nice china in. Old blankets for the bigger items like mirrors. That will still protect your items in the storage units and while relocating them but it will also be a smart solution for the planet.

Asking for a help

If you plan to store your breakables in a storage unit you should think about hiring professional movers. They can help you to pack them correctly. Then it’s up to you to label the boxes and they will transport your breakables safely to a storage unit. That might be the easiest way and the one without any added stress. They are experts, after all, chances are they will do it better and quicker than you can on your own so why not try giving them a call?

Professional movers loading a truck
It might be the best move to let the professionals deal with your breakables.


This is something you should consider especially if you are not storing your breakables in your own home. Because moving them and storing them somewhere else is always some risk. If your breakables are valuable you will feel much better if you get some sort of insurance just in case.

Some extra tips on how to store breakables

Just in case here are some more tips for storing fragile items :

  • wrap each piece individually
  • secure the bottom of your box by taping all open seams and corners
  • make a cushion base by lining the inside of the box with bubble wrap
  • don’t forget to mark your boxes as fragile

Good luck and don’t worry many of those items are not as fragile as they look. If you do this neatly surely they will be safe and sound.

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