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How to protect artwork during long-distance relocation

Being someone that loves art and collects it is amazing. Up until the day you have to relocate. It is not the same when you have valuable art pieces at your home and when you don’t. But try not to worry because you came to the right place. We have some tips for you that will be very useful and important to remember. If you follow each step you will protect artwork properly and you will have nothing to worry about. Long-distance relocation is stressful enough as it is. Especially when you are in this situation. So remember that a last-minute move is not an option this time.

The first step to protect artwork during long-distance relocation is the preparation

You should know that, in addition, to prepare everything for the moving day, you need to do some things first. You won’t be able to get proper supplies if you don’t have some basic information first. All you have to put all the artwork that you want to relocate in one room. Count how many items you have, and write it down. Separate them into different groups by type. So in one pile put paintings, in other sculptures, and so on. You also have to take measurements of each one of them so you know what supplies you need to buy. Remember that you can always go on and take advice from them. They are professionals after all.

Woman collecting all information before she can protect artwork while moving.
To be able to protect artwork during a long-distance relocation you need to gather all the information about the amount, type, and dimensions.

Once you have the needed information, you can start gathering supplies

Now that you have all the information that you need for this process, it is time for some action. The next step that is important before the packing part comes, is to get proper supplies. It is not like when you need to pack the rest of the household, to buy anything. These supplies are different. For instance, if you want to pack a painting, you need to get a box that has almost the same dimensions as the painting. It cannot be much bigger, or smaller. It would damage the artwork. And since your goal is to protect artwork, you shouldn’t do it. The same is for everything. According to the dimensions, you will buy supplies.

The most important is to protect artwork while packing

When it comes to packing, that is when you need to be the most careful. We definitely advise you to call the professionals since they know all the tips for protecting valuable items during relocation. But it is your call. Pay attention and be focused all time. Especially when you are handling fragile sculptures or even fine china as well.

Woman packing her artwork.
Get supplies and pack everything carefully.

Take your time

And finally, the thing you should always keep reminding yourself is to sow don’t. There is no reason to rush, and you have enough time. If you want to do it overnight, forget it. To protect artwork for long-distance relocation you need to be focused and do things slowly, step by step.

November 3, 2022

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