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How to hold a successful moving sale

When you’re preparing to move by yourself, that is the perfect opportunity to declutter your home so you won’t have to move things you don’t use anymore. While you always have the option to just trash or donate the belongings you no longer want. This is a great opportunity to make some money for the move. So hosting a garage sale pre-move is a good idea for this. You can hold a successful moving sale by just doing a couple of things. This will help you with your moving expenses and having fewer belongings to unpack in your new home and start fresh.

Set a date and time and also be sure everything is by the law

By hosting a garage sale you probably won’t have any problems with the law but better be safe than sorry so just check everything is by the law. And then set a date for the sale. By selling your stuff your new home will be easier to keep clean. Be smart about the date some good thing to have in mind is that the weekends are good for hosting a sale.

Also when the weather is spring-like then people are more likely to go outside for a walk and see your garage sale. Don’t host your sale on an important date in your town because no one will show up.

A person is looking through a collection of vinyls.
One of the most important things to do for a garage sale is to plan ahead. And set a date for it when the weather is good and there are no other big events.

To hold a successful moving sale make an inventory and have good marketing

Just like a store make an inventory of your things you want to sell so everything stays organized. Having great marketing is very important for sales. You can make posters that you will hand out or tape in the neighborhood. So people will be informed about the sale and when is it.

Use online groups and social media to market yourself and your garage sale. This will help you reach even more people. And when you have more the percentage to sell everything is greater.

A person typing an inventory to hold a successful moving sale.
You will have to make an inventory of your belongings that you want to sell so everything will be easier and put together. Also, good marketing is a must so people know about the sale.

Set fair prices and buying in bulks

By setting fair prices these people will be more likely to buy things from you. Everyone goes to garage sale for a good deal and if you set your price too high no one will want to buy your things. And bulk deals will make people even buy something they maybe not wanted to but it was too good of a deal do not buy.

Also you will sell everything you want in less time than by selling one by one. And in no time your garage sale will be over and you will have extra money for the move.

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