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How to help your children during the move

Needless to say that moving and the moving day is a great stress for everybody. When you have children, they are one of the first things you are thinking about. Learn some tricks on how to help your children during the move.

Make sure that they understand the reasons

Before you start to plan your relocation, you need to be sure that your children understand the reasons for moving. This is important for children of all ages. Younger ones can’t maybe understand exactly why, but never the less you need to try to explain to them.

This is especially important with the older ones. Children who are going to school have much more to leave behind; at least that is how they are seeing it. Explain to them why you are moving and express all the positive sides of the move. Help your children during the move and in that way help yourself as well.


Large house with the backyard.
Use the upside of moving to explain to your children.

There is always one reason that you can use as the advantage. Maybe you are moving to a bigger house and they are getting their own room. On the other hand, if you will have a backyard – so think about swings or swimming pool in the summer. If you want to go all in- maybe you will get a dog? Anyway, the point is to express the positive side so make sure that you find at least one.

Take one step at the time

When the children are involved in any way in the move, you need to take things slowly. Do not rush them in any way possible. Make sure that you plan everything to the smallest detail. Then when the moving starts, you simply need to follow your plans through. Plan everything from the beginning and that includes your moving day bag or a suitcase.

Explore your new neighborhood in advance

If you have already decided where are you moving, you can take your kids to visit. Help your children during the move by showing them their future home and neighborhood. When they know where they are going, they will be able to cope with the move easier.

Just make sure that you have visited first yourself a new neighborhood. It will be easier when you take your kids if you know where exactly you are taking them. Maybe you can find a nice park close by so you can take them there. If your children are older, you can help your children during move in multiple ways. If you like to go to restaurants for lunch or family time, find a new one. Find one that you all will like and show them before the move.

Stick to the schedule

Planning and making schedules are very important for everybody. This is especially important for younger children. They will feel more relaxed if they know what to expect. This can be applied to more things in life. We all like to be in control, especially when the larger things are involved. If you are making sure that everything is going as it should be, you will feel less stress during the move.

Boy feeling stressful during the move
Help your children during the move and you will feel less stress as well.

Divide and conquer

It may sound a bit harsh, but it is an excellent saying. Why don’t you use it? In order to help your children during move make them busy. The busier they get, the less they will be thinking and moaning about moving. Divide tasks, job to everybody, and maybe promise them a reward in the end. It doesn’t have to be something large, simply an incentive so they get the job done.

Help your children during the move in different seasons

Everybody would like to move when the time is perfect. That is both for timing and for the weather. However, we are not all having that opportunity. We all know that the kids can be more nervous if it is too hot or too cold. Actually, anything out of the ordinary will make them anxious.

We are also under more stress if we are moving in the summertime and it is incredibly hot outside.  Make sure that you prepare good, take a lot of fluids and wear sunscreen so you don’t get sunburned.

If you are moving in the wintertime when you have to be sure that you clear all the snow in front of the house entrance. This is because you don’t want anybody to get hurt during the move. If it is freezing, you can spill some salts to the ground so it doesn’t get icy The best way to help your children during the move is to keep them safe from potential injuries. Beside this, you also have to make sure that they are warm all the time. They need to wear gloves, hats, and scarfs. It is wise to prepare extra ones, so if they get wet you can easily change them.

Be ready for your new home

The first impression of their new home will depend a lot on their first day. Try to organize everything so the moving day goes as stress-free as it is possible. Prepare games for kids, so they don’t get bored while you are loading or unloading the moving truck. It would be great if you could separate space just for the kids. You will take them away from all the commotions and packing and you won’t have to watch them every second. Just make sure that you don’t leave any tools so they can reach them and hurt themselves.

Help your children during the move by not leaving dangerous tools around.
Do not leave any tool on children reach.

Help your children during the move by keeping them busy and safe. If you have many children or they are hyperactive, then it would be best to leave them during the move with a family. Ask them to babysit at least during the moving day. Pack everything they need and take them to a friend or a family member they like to spend time. It is important to stay in the comfort zone so they don’t get anxious, especially while they are visiting relatives or your friends. You will be able to focus on the move and help your movers the best you can.

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