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How to find the best moving company for your LA to NYC relocation

Moving is a complex task. Plenty of things go into relocating from one home to another. And whether you have moved before or not is a big influential factor on how stressful your move is going to be no matter how long or a short distance the move is. But relocating from one city to another can be and is made easy by hiring professional moving assistance. But not everyone knows just how to find the best moving company for relocation. Hiring movers when relocating from one part of the country to another is a must which is why we are here to tell you just how to find the best moving company for your LA to NYC relocation since this is a very common route. Plenty of people move from LA to NYC every year and there are plenty of reasons for this.

Ask the people you know

The first thing you want to do is to ask the people you know have moved at some point about the company they used to relocate if they used one. This can be very helpful. You will hear real experiences and thoughts from somebody who you know isn’t lying to you. And this is a very important step to make before the next one.

Calling phone.
Ask around before researching online.

Start your online research

The same way you would go through the pros and cons of living in NYC before relocating there, you should also do online researching before hiring a moving company. And online is both the worst and the best place for it. There are plenty of things to keep in mind when researching a moving company online.

For starters, you need to check the company’s website. If the website doesn’t really seem professional, is hard to use and no information is displayed, we would suggest staying away from hiring this company. This doesn’t really scream “we’re reliable and we can assist you“. Online appearance is very important nowadays. It’s a company’s suit you could say. And if it doesn’t look very nice, why hire the company? Doing the background check for a moving company is very important.

find the best moving company
Researching online is both the best and the worst way to search for something.

Read online reviews

In order to hire a reliable and experienced moving company such as Tik Tok Moving and Storage, you need to read online moving reviews from other people. You can find them in many places on the internet. There are plenty of forums where you can find out other people’s experiences. You can also go to the company’s Facebook page and see some there in the comment section of the page.

But beware of fake moving reviews. Companies can pay people to leave positive reviews. The fake reviews are almost most of the time very short with description and are straight forward, for example, “This is a great moving company”. This can be a sincere review but most of the time it is fake.

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