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How to choose your career path? – Kuwait edition

When thinking about your career path you should consider a lot of things. Things like, what would you like to do in life, what exactly should be your profession, and are you ready and schooled enough for it. You need to have those things figured out in your head. Especially if you are moving to chase your dreams in Kuwait where there are real chances to make it. You just have to be sure what do you want to do with your life. In Kuwait, there are so many great opportunities and a lot of people who are in business with oil, for example, are surely happy with their incomes. If you are not into that line of business, there are so many more jobs that you can relate to and pursue your career in that area. There are a lot of jobs in which you can choose your career path.

Sunset in Kuwait
Sunset in Kuwait

Jobs you should check out in Kuwait

Kuwait can give you an opportunity and it is all up to you how will you take advantage of it. Some of the popular jobs in Kuwait that you can pursuit are:

  • Geologist
  • IT (Information Technology)
  • Sales
  • Management
  • Administration
  • PR (Public relations)
  • Engineering
  • Medical staff

And so much more. Choose your career path in Kuwait and you probably won’t regret it ever. These are very popular jobs and people are always hiring. If nothing from this list suits you, there are even more jobs to check out, you just have to inform yourself the best way possible. However, when looking for a career in Kuwait it is best to assimilate with the best paying jobs, such as the IT sector, engineering, and sales. These are the jobs that are making people happy when they are going to the bank. So, why not try.

Choose your career path in the Information technology sector

If you choose your career path in the IT sector you will be happy. In almost, all of the developed countries this is the line of business that is very much in demand. Of course, it is not that simple. You cannot just go to Kuwait and ask for a well-paid job in IT sector. You need to have experience and skills. If you show your potential employer the will and knowledge you are halfway, there. However, there is so much to do before you can get all happy with a great salary in IT. You have to learn and learn a lot. IT sector is great and well paid, but not everyone can do that job. You have to be very smart and hard working. Where there is a will there’s a way.

IT jobs
IT is one of the best paying jobs in Kuwait


Being an electrical engineer is not simple. You have to study for it and there isn’t much room for mistakes. When you are dealing with electricity you simply have to know what you are doing. Therefore, being an engineer usually requires a diploma, so before you start seeing yourself as an electrical engineer in Kuwait make sure to dedicate yourself to learning. A diploma is not a must in case that you have a great experience working as an electrical engineer somewhere else for some period of time, having a good reference is a plus as well. Also, if someone told you that this job is not for women they are wrong. Anyone with the desire and anyone who is a hard worker can do whatever they want. Including so-called “man’s jobs”. The thing with being an electrical engineer is that you have to be available when they call you with some urgent malfunction. In a place where the oil industry is at its peak, malfunctions with the equipment may occur more than you think.

Doctors and nurses

Being a doctor or a nurse is something that earns the most respect. You give yourself one hundred percent while attending medical school or University so that one day you can help others. Being a doctor is one of the most appreciative jobs. Not only in Kuwait but also in other parts of the world. It is a selfless job; however, it can be really well paid. Hopefully one day it will be paid as it should, but for now, when it comes to Kuwait, this may be one of the career paths you can follow. Doctors are always needed, especially because there are a lot of people working in the oil industry and it can happen very often that someone gets hurt in the workplace, unfortunately.


If you choose your career path in sales, you are in for a treat when it comes to Kuwait. Not only in Kuwait of course, sales as a line of business is very much asked for all around the world. Having some skills in the sales department is a very good thing if you are looking to work in Kuwait. You can work as a Sales consultant, Sales representative, Sales supervisor, etc. It all depends on your sales skills. Maybe a real deal for you is to try your luck in retail. Whatever you decide you can create a very nice career for yourself in sales departments in Kuwait. 

a handshake
A job in sales can be very promising


Being a manager sounds fancy, right? There are a lot of so-called managers these days so what is important for you is to stand out from the crowd. It won’t be easy. However, if you manage to do that, the sky is the limit since management is one of the highest paying jobs in Kuwait.  You can be an HR manager or PR manager, whatever you choose, you have to work really hard, but at the end of the day, it is all worth it.

How to choose your career path is one of the questions you should ask yourself on time. Moving to Kuwait for a career opportunity can be a great thing to do for yourself. If you need professional moving assistance, you can check websites like and find a good moving company. Do you preparations, get as much as information as possible and start your career journey in Kuwait!

August 15, 2018

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