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Guide to shipping goods from Saudi Arabia

Shipping goods from Saudi Arabia is something that requires certain kinds of information and patience. You cannot do the whole work overnight. This is because you have to be very careful in following certain procedures. Also, in case you are relocating with your family, you have to start planning your relocation process as soon as possible. If possible, months ahead would be the ideal time period for the thorough organization of both your move and your shipping from Saudi Arabia. This article will be of great help to you, for it provides all the important things that you should know.

Check all rules and regulations for shipping goods from Saudi Arabia

Before you start doing anything at all, first you must find out everything about rules and regulations of import and export in Saudi Arabia. Then, you need to collect all the documents that you need if you want to finish everything smoothly and quickly. Importantly, having a label that shows exactly the country of origin of the goods that you are shipping is necessary. Moreover, without a packing list and insurance proof, you will not be able to do anything. And, once you have all the papers that you need for shipping your goods, you must not forget about the papers with the required translation. Definitely, without it, you will have certain problems. Also, it will be best to check the official sites and see all the documents that you need to have with you.

Two piles of documents symbolizing all the papers you need when shipping goods from Saudi Arabia.
Make sure to have all papers that you need for shipping goods from Saudi Arabia.

Import and export regulations of Saudi Arabia

Now, import and export regulations will be explained in more detail. When it comes to importing, you will need an original certificate of origin. Also, you will need to provide a document with the state of origin and the brand of certain products. Then, a specific number of your goods must be stated, as well as the name of the company whose job is to transport them. Finally, all the details regarding your goods, like appearance, size, weight, and value must be stated too. When the export is concerned, a copy of your commercial registration is required. Then, a certificate of origin of all the items that you want to export is needed.

Pack everything appropriately for shipping

When you collect all the papers and documents that you need for shipping from Saudi Arabia, it is time for the packing process. Remember, if you are practical and smart in your packing, all your belongings will be perfectly safe during their transport. In order to be eco-friendly and take care of your surroundings, you can reuse the packing supplies that you already have in your home. Everything is welcome, from old but usable cardboard boxes to bubble wrap, tape, scissors, and everything else that you have. For example, do not throw away old newspapers. Instead, use them for wrapping the more sensitive objects for shipping. Remember, if you wrap something carefully, no matter how fragile it may be, it will not get damaged.

A pile of empty cardboard boxes.
Collect enough boxes you can reuse for packing all your goods for shipping from Saudi Arabia.

Hire the professionals to do the job when shipping goods from Saudi Arabia

When it comes to shipping goods from Saudi Arabia, we strongly advise you to leave this job to professionals. Believe us, they will finish with everything more quickly and smoothly than you could ever do. Nowadays, certain companies have excellent logistics services that can be of great help to all people who want to ship their goods, just like you. Some companies have to offer cargo transportation, both air, and sea. Moreover, there are customs clearance, freight forwarding, cold chain services, warehousing, and packing and crating.

A shipping vessel for shipping goods from Saudi Arabia.
Certain companies that are very professional offer sea transportation services for your belongings.

Be careful when searching for a good company

Now, pay close attention when looking for a perfect company because not all of the relocation companies have all the services that you need. For this reason, make sure to check if a certain company has logistics services for your needs to offer before you contact them. Carefully reading their site and reviews will save you much time in this case. It is always great if a person that is close to you can recommend a certain company because you can be sure that they are professional. We advise you to check out Four Winds Saudi Arabia for they are a very experienced and reliable company.

If you are moving from Saudi Arabia

In case you want to relocate with your family members from Saudi Arabia to a new country, there are certain things you should do in advance. One of them is hiring a professional real estate agent to help you find a new home that is ideal for you and your loved ones. This will not be too hard, for all you should do is search the internet. Today, you can find many professionals and hire them in this way. The next step is explaining what you want from a house or flat. And, more importantly, what you want to avoid at all costs. Only this will enable a true professional to quickly find you a new home in a different state. As it comes to other things, you should carefully plan everything months in advance for an international move is a complex process. Using a planner in any form, paper or electronic is always the smartest thing to do. Especially if you are relocating with your children and also have a job you have to think about. Writing down everything helps a lot. Especially in stressful situations like moving to a new country.

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