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Guide to moving abroad on short notice

When moving overseas, you need to give yourself time and plan everything out meticulously. But sometimes, you do not have time to plan everything down to the small detail. What are you supposed to do then? The Moving Company LA can help you with our guide to moving abroad on short notice. 

Moving abroad on a tight schedule – find professional help 

Even if you had a well-thought-out plan, you would not be moving abroad alone. With a fast move, you need movers on your side even more. To get international movers fast, here is what you need to do. 

  • The first step is to contact friends that have experience with international moving companies. If they can recommend you, someone, you have made moving abroad on short notice a piece of cake.
  • The second step if friends are of no help is to research. Since you need to act fast, you should Google abroad moving companies and call the ones with the best reviews immediately. 
  • Finally, hire the ones that are in your moving budget. But you will generally have to pay extra if you are scheduling them on short notice. However, that does not mean that you can not save money on your relocation if you are smart. 

man smiling in front of white moving van, learn about moving abroad on short notice
Moving abroad on short notice is more manageable if you have international movers on your side to assist you.

Ask friends for help 

When you find movers, contact your friends and get them to your home. They can help you speed up all of the moving tasks. In addition, to help you with the abroad move, they can provide you moral support and keep you level-headed throughout the process. 

Moving abroad on a tight schedule – declutter and get items ready for storage 

When you hire movers, it can take some time until they arrive at your home and start packing. Before they come, you need to declutter your homes. Decluttering is one of the pro packing tips because it can make it much more manageable. This is where your friends come into play, they can help you with the decluttering and take some of the items you will not be bringing. 

But your friends can not take all of your items, so you need to put some of them into long-term storage. Before you put your belongings in long-term storage, get everything ready like a pro by learning how to do it. 

Packing for your move abroad 

Before movers arrive, you can tell some of your friends to get moving supplies while you are decluttering. When the friends come back with moving supplies pack items that do not require a lot of skill.

two women packing
Pack smaller items before movers arrive to deal with the larger and heavy items that need extra care if you want them to survive the overseas move.

For the rest of the bulkier items, no need to do it yourself  – get packing and crating services. They will secure everything and make sure that it survives the abroad move. 

You are ready to move overseas on a short notice 

By following our guide to moving abroad on short notice, you will have an easier time relocating. But if you need more help with your quick overseas relocation, make sure to do more research.

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