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Guide to cost-effective interstate move from Las Vegas to Los Angeles

Even if you’re lucky enough to have a huge moving budget – there’s no need to spend more than necessary on your move. Long-distance moves can cost a lot, so people worry about the moving budget and whether they can handle it. And even then, they end up overpaying it. Luckily, there are ways to have an affordable relocation, even when you’re moving your home across the border of your state. We gathered a number of tips in this simple guide to a cost-effective interstate move from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Furthermore, we want to show that it’s possible to have an affordable, yet safe and efficient relocation that will not cause you any stress. Let’s dive in!

Don’t prepare in a rush

One of the most common scenarios when spending too much on the move is people doing moving preparation at the last minute. When you pack in a rush, you increase the chances of making mistakes, and you will certainly pay more for last-minute moving rates. Furthermore, various nightmare moving scenarios with fraudulent companies often happen when people don’t have time to do research and hire professionals. Therefore, take your time to organize your tasks, create a moving budget, ensure you book a moving team on time, so you can have a relocation that will be a great experience. Consider this move as a project, that requires time and effort to be successful. And it will surely pay off.

a map to plan a cost-effective interstate move
Even though these two cities are not so far away, be sure to read our guide to a cost-effective interstate move from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.

Move off-season

Choosing your moving date wisely can decrease your bill a lot. There are certain months and dates that are popular among people who move, which makes movign comaonies more busy. These busy dates are often more expensive, so it’s good to be flexible with the time of your move. Choose an off-season date, such as months between October and April, but also mid-month and mid-week days. This can potentially decrease yourmovign costs and help you move more affordably.

a calculator you need when organizing a cost-effective interstate move
When you need to plan a cost-effective interstate move, every dollar counts.

It’s time to downsize your home

To have a cost-effective interstate move, you need to move only the essentials. Firstly, be sure to declutter your home completelyget rid of the unnecessary papers and magazines, old clothes, half-used cleaning supplies, and food (make a plan and use them up until the moving day), and all the items that only eat up space. Secondly, consider selling some of the appliances or furniture that need an update. You’ll pay less when moving your home, and will be able to repurchase these items once you arrive in Los Angeles.

Earn money for the move

Getting rid of your items doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the chance to earn some money for the move. If some of the items are in a good condition, you can organize a garage sale, or even sell them online. This will help you downsize, but also help your moving budget.

Moving for work – share costs with your comapny

If you are moving for work, then chances are your company will cover part or all of the moving expenses. Before you start making any plans to contact the HR department of your company and check if there’s such an option. You might even don’t need to look for movers – companies that help their employees move often have a preferred moving team. If not, hire a specialist for residential and commercial interstate moves – check for more information.

The Hollywood sign
Welcome to California – moving to another state is exciting, but it can be pretty expensive.

DIY move – is it the way to have a cost-effective interstate move?

Many people feel that having a cost-effective interstate move means they shouldn’t hire professionals to help them out. However, that’s not always true. When moving on your own, you have the option of renting a portable moving container, and do the packing by yourself. Even though it will probably be a cheaper option, it’s certainly a more risky and difficult one. Depending on the time and experience you have, packing and loading will be more time-consuming and puts you at risk of hurting yourself. Improper lifting techniques and lack of experience often lead to injuries, but also to damage the goods.

That’s why hiring the right help for the right price surely pays off. If you pick a reliable company, there’s no way you will overpay for moving services you get. Just be sure to do some research, contact a couple of moving pros, and compare the estimates. This will give you an idea of the average pricing for your move and this way you can choose the perfect help to relocate.

Save on packing supplies

Even though packing supplies are not the biggest part of your moving budget, you shouldn’t underestimate those costs. To have a cost-effective interstate move, be practical about the way you get your moving supplies. Here are some things you can do:

  • get moving boxes for free – there are several ways to find free moving boxes. Ask the friends who recently moved, check Craigslist and similar online locations, and also visit local liquor or furniture stores.
  • estimate the number of supplies you need – don’t spend more than necessary on packing supplies. Estimate how much you actually need, so you don’t buy too many.
  • use the items you already have – there are several ways to use items in your home as packing supplies. For example, garbage bags, totes, gym bags, and suitcases are excellent moving containers. Furthermore, old clothes, towels, and blankets are great for wrapping fragile items and protect your furniture from scratching. Be creative and spend less on packing supplies!

Ask friends and relatives to help you out

Finally, it’s easier to have a cost-effective interstate move with the help of people you know. Ask relatives or friends to help you with packing, taking care of kids or pets on a moving day, accepting your plants, or other items you can’t move to Los Angeles. Everything is easier with help, and you can say thank you by organizing an amazing good-bye party for everybody!

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