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Full guide about living in California

California is a dream state for many people. Everyone wishes to live a life of extravagance and luxury, just like their favorite actors on television and cinema. Living close to the person that inspires you can help you be more happy and productive. You may even chase the same career as your TV idol. You never know what can happen in the City of Angels or any other California city for that matter. Nobody will be left indifferent if they are neighbors with some of their favorite TV personalities. Even if you do not have the luxury of living in the more expensive neighborhoods, the notion of living in the same city is alluring as well. Living in California is not bad at all!

Another thing, this is California. It is one of those places you never talk about the weather because it is always nice. It never changes. It is always warm and sunny, with beautiful sunsets on the Pacific ocean horizon. A dream city indeed. In this article, we have created a guide for you about what you can expect from the state that never sleeps when you move in. So, let’s get started!

hollywood sign
The Hollywood sign overlooking the city.

Choosing the right city

This can be a tough one. Deciding where to move is difficult because you do not know what the neighborhood is like. Does it have every store you need? What is the mentality of people living here? Will you be able to find a job in the close proximity to your home? These are all questions you need to ask yourself before making your final decision.

When you find a suitable city, you should research the costs of living there. Moving is a lot about planning ahead, so be ready to change your financial plan as soon as you move in. The average rent price of apartments is $2.265 according to RentCafe. Consider this before choosing your neighborhood. If you are well situated, you may be able to find a house close to Hollywood celebrities and even sport a similar luxurious lifestyle.

This depends not only on the price but also on where it is situated and what are your ambitions. If you want a fast and busy lifestyle, consider opting for a house or apartment closer to Los Angeles downtown. If you want a more quiet family life, consider thinking about getting a family home in a suburban area.

Los Angeles attractions

This is a city where you can see interesting buildings and attractions, wherever your eye wanders. It is a true melting pot of cultures with a high sense of luxury and fashion. And that is why so many people love living in LA. If you are a movie lover, this is probably the place you wanted to visit ever since you found out about movies. If you want to be an actor, you probably imagined how your name was carved into the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This is the place where every important person that had made their mark in the entertainment industry has their star next to the prints of their hands. A dream that may come true if you live in Hollywood!

Up next is the Hollywood sign, towering above the city in the hills. Probably the first thing everyone thinks of when thinking about California and Hollywood. The sign was originally created in 1923 for a local real estate company, but due to the increasing popularity, the sign was left up (Wikipedia). There are tours that lead here, and you will most probably go past the Griffith Observatory. There is a nice hiking trail from the sign to the observatory. This is good for someone who wants some kind of recreation.

walk of fame
Maybe your name will be featured on the Walk of fame!

Even more attractions for movie-goers is the TCL Chinese theater. It is located on Hollywood Boulevard, and famous for the many appearances of celebrities, and a distinct Chinese themed design and architecture.

Sports and recreation – you’ll love living in California

There are many sports teams in this state, and that is what makes living in California so great. They also approach the sport in the classic LA style, with extravagance, and high rolling. Maybe the most popular team in the city are the Los Angeles Lakers, an NBA team with 16 championship titles (second only to Boston Celtics, their longtime rivals) and one of the best win rates in NBA history. After the departure of Kobe Bryant, they had a couple of years of turmoil before signing LeBron James earlier this year. Now they are on the path of greatness once again. There is also the Los Angeles Clippers, another NBA team, Los Angeles Rams, NFL, and Los Angeles Dodgers, MLB.

Other things you need to know

Another important thing you need to know about the state is the high frequency of traffic jams. Always plan ahead when driving downtown, because you usually need to leave home earlier in order to compensate for the traffic. You also need to exercise your perception skills when looking for parking spaces, for there is surely a lack of them.

Los Angeles panorama - something you'll see while living in California
Grace your eyes on the beautiful CA skyline. You love it now? You will love living in California!

Education is another very important thing when it comes to living in California. You will be pleased to know that the city has a public university UCLA, which is very well equipped with a lot of courses to choose from. Whether you are a student or an adult who wants to do a specialization course, they will have a solution for you.

And there you have it, a guide about living in California. Whether you are moving in, or just visiting, this is a place that should be on everyone’s bucket list. It is the city of opportunity, and it only depends on you if you will take them!

December 20, 2018

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