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Expert tips for moving to Laguna Niguel during the winter season

If you are planning on moving to Laguna Niguel during the winter season you will be needing some extra tips to help you get through it. We are not saying that moving during the winter is awful, it’s just a bit trickier. Winter weather presents its own unique obstacles to movers. Snow covering the ground and subzero temperatures are just a part of it. Luckily there are people who can help you.

Winter season in Laguna Niguel

You obviously know all about California winters. But it would be smart to research Laguna Niguel separately. That way you will know what clothes to bring and what you can leave behind. Winters in Laguna Niguel are mild. Temperatures below 68 degrees Fahrenheit are typical during the four months that make up the chilly season, which begins on November 29 and ends on March 29. The average low for the month of December here is 49 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average high is 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, as you can see you won’t have any difficulties with snow once you get there but you might have some issues along the way depending on where you are right now. Some states have really cold winters. Luckily we know how to overcome difficult weather conditions. Keep reading. Now on to some packing tips and winter safety.

A snow globe on the windowsill.
Winter season has its own charms.

It’s crucial that you stay flexible as much as you can

Winter weather may be fickle, going from sunny to snowy in a single day. It’s also possible that you’ll encounter some severe weather, such as gusty winds or pelting rain. Stay on top of forecasts and prospective conditions in the weeks prior to your move. You should probably call your chosen movers and reschedule your relocation if a major storm is forecast to pass through on your moving day. Even if this isn’t feasible for you, the vendor shouldn’t have too much problem with it because of the reduced volume of business they experience in the winter. 

Packing your household items – winter edition

Take extra precautions to prevent cold damage to delicate things when packing. In the event of a rapid temperature change, fragile objects like dishes and glasses may shatter or break. The adjustment from your warm home to the cold of the container can be lessened by double-wrapping everything in heavy blankets. In order to reduce the amount of time the objects spend in the freezing cold, you should probably load them last into the moving container and discharge them first.

As an alternative to putting them in the moving container, you may perhaps just pack them in your car. It’s also a good idea to bring cold-sensitive electronics in the car with you. If you want to ensure the safety of these belongings during transport, wait to load them until right before departure. As you can see you will need to have a different approach when it comes to packing your household for winter relocation.

A woman packing her clothes for moving to Laguna Niguel
Use vacuum bags to save some space when packing winter clothes and blankets that can be quite bulky.

Think about your movers

The easiest way to move during the winter is to find reliable movers like who can make sure that your relocation goes stress-free. Movers nowadays are equipped to handle just about anything even if you have a lot of moving boxes and the weather is not so great.

Winter moves are far more challenging than summer moves, so it may be worth it to employ specialists to help you load and unload the truck. They’ve probably done this many times before, so they’ll be better prepared to handle the obstacles that come up during a winter move than you are. Prepare a fresh pot of coffee, hot cocoa, or something similar to warm them up a little bit when they need a little break as a gesture of gratitude for their hard work. Without a shadow of a doubt, they will value it highly. 

Prepare your car

Having your automobile serviced before moving to Laguna Niguel can ensure that everything is in working order on moving day. If you want to be prepared for any eventuality, don’t put your warm blankets, jackets, hats, boots, or gloves in the moving truck. Put some of those in your car. Having to wait out a cold night on the roadside without any warm clothes is a nightmare. Bring along tire chains and an ice scraper if you plan on driving in the winter. Also, make sure you have everything you need in case of an emergency. In order to be ready for anything that may come your way, it’s better to over-prepare than to under-prepare. This is something that needs to be done no matter the costs. You can save money on relocation on other things (like packing materials).

Mother and her daughter having a Christmas photo shoot nest to a small red decorated car.
Your car needs to be in top shape now.

Moving day

As you can assume moving day is always the most stressful. Even when you hire movers. There is simply a lot to be done and if the weather is not favorable, things can get hectic. If movers and handling the heavy lifting at least you know that you will avoid any potential injuries. Don’t worry about them. Those guys are trained for this. You should focus on your next steps. The relocation is not done when you arrive at your new home. Moving to Laguna Niguel will take a little bit more of your time. Until you are unpacked and settled in, you can’t say that you are done. Of course, you can always rely on professionals nearby to help you with this task. Especially if you are tired.

One extra tip that will help your upcoming mission -moving to Laguna Niguel

Make sure you give yourself more than enough extra time to reach your destination. Especially if you must drive in snow or other bad weather. Keep in touch with the driver if you have arranged for movers to meet you at the new place to unload their truck. That’s it from us. Good luck!

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