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Different types of moving services explained

So, you’ve been wondering what kind of moving options are today’s moving companies offering? Look no further. After reading this article, you’ll be all set when the time comes for you to find a new home. Here you’ll find different types of moving services explained in simple terms. Stay tuned.

Based on the distance

A local moving service

Local moving consists of moving within the state’s borders. Most of the time it can also underline the moving distance. For most companies – a local move is somewhere between 50 – 100 miles. The price you’ll pay for a short-distance local move is around $30 per hour per mover. Also, local moving providers don’t need a USDOT number, and are under the laws and regulations of the state they’re based in.

A funny sign with directions to the Moon and Infinity. The distance of your move is very important when talking about the different types of moving services .
Most of what we consider local moves are relocations within a 100-mile radius. Distances on the picture don’t really fit into any category.

A long-distance moving service

Anything that exceeds the above-mentioned 100-mile line is considered a long-distance move. Long-distance moving providers must have a USDOT number. You’d want to hire the best option you can find for this task. Long-distance or interstate moving is tough, and you need to make sure you’re getting the best service available. Hiring experienced movers is a must.

An international relocation

This probably doesn’t need an explanation, but it’s good we mention how the cost calculation is made in these types of services. There are three things you need to take into the calculation: the volume of the shipment, the way of transportation you’ll pick, and the distance of the move.

A small move

A small move is any local move from one dorm to another or one apartment to another. The total weight of your cargo shouldn’t be more than 2k pounds. This is doable by hiring only one person to help you move.

Self-service or full-service?

Whether or not you’re packing or unpacking your stuff is also taken into consideration when hiring a moving provider. You have two options. The self-service option consists of movers just loading your packed cargo and unloading it at the destination of your choice. You have to pack and unpack yourself. In the second scenario (full-service), you don’t have to do anything, movers offer different types of moving services to assist you fully.

Items packed in boxes, ready for the move.
If you pick out the self-service option you’ll have to pack and unpack yourself.

Specialty moving services

This type of moving service you can hire if you’re transporting your wine collection or anything else that should be taken great care with. These are your most valuable possessions and hiring experienced specialty movers should be your top priority in this scenario.

Commercial or residential moving service?

This one’s pretty obvious. Commercial movers are specialized in moving offices in a manner that doesn’t slow down productivity. They’re used to carry and move office inventory, computers, and other sensitive electronics used in most firms today. What about the residential movers? They’re the ones that help you when you’re moving to your new home. They sure know how to handle your home inventory, have different types of moving services, and have discretion when packing and/or moving your personal items.

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