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Coast-to-coast relocation: 5 reasons why Californians move to Florida

Is it time to perform coast-to-coast relocation, leave California and start a new life in another state in the USA? Living your whole life at the same location may get boring. Perhaps you want a fresh start, perhaps you got a new business opportunity? These are just some of the reasons why Californians move to Florida. 

But, before you reach this decision you need to consider many things. Relocation isn’t a decision made easily, especially if you’re performing coast-to-coast relocation. That’s not an easy task. However, moving to Florida is worth it. This state is an amazing place for people of all ages. Even moving your entire family to Florida is great because there is always something to do and it isn’t cold. Also, Florida is a great place for people who want to retire. So, there is something for everybody in this state. Still, here are 5 reasons why Californians move to Florida. It will help you reach your decision easier.

Florida Houses Sunset Canal - Coast to coast relocation
Many Californians move to Florida and here’s why.

What are the top reasons why Californians move to Florida and perform coast-to-coast relocation?

When making a large move such as from California to Florida, it’s helpful to be aware of the reasons that you’re investing in this relocation. Even if the move isn’t your choice, if you’re moving for work or to be close to family, you’ll still get many benefits for relocating to the Sunshine state. Among many other reasons why Californians move to Florida, here you’ll discover the top five ones. So, before you get your online moving quote on the site, make sure you are aware of these reasons.

1 – Costs of living

Life in Florida is much cheaper than in the California and rest of the USA. The fact that Florida has no state income tax makes everything easier. So, moving here means you’ll have more money annually because you’ll not have to pay the state a percentage of your income. 

Besides this, the house prices and rent prices are lower than the national average in most FL cities. However, in big cities such as Miami, this isn’t the case. But, there are so many other towns and cities for you to explore your options. Also, local movers in Florida are always at your disposal. So, if you decide to perform a local move after the coast-to-coast one, you can easily find help anytime and settle in the city you choose. Also, the overall cost of living in FL is lower than the national average. Goods and services, healthcare, and housing in this state fall below the national average. So, moving here is a great decision for your budget.

2 – Florida offers asset protection benefits

When you move to Florida, you’ll not have to worry about the loss of assets. This state offers many asset protection benefits. Banks can’t take your home to satisfy debt unless they are lending you a message. And, there’s no constitutional rule against foreclosure. This is one of the reasons why many people want to move to Florida. People know that in the worst-case scenario banks will not be able to take away their homes to satisfy the debt.

3 – Florida weather can be a reason to perform coast to coast relocation

The weather in California and Florida isn’t so different. California may have colder winters, and that isn’t the case in FL. So, you can forget about all those winter warmer clothes. If you’re moving from Ca to Miami, you can consider renting a storage unit to put those winter clothes you don’t need. That’s your best option. Just make sure you find a safe unit for your belongings and store them in it. Also, since there is no actual winter in Florida, you won’t have to heat your home. So, if you don’t love winter, the Sunshine State is the place for you. Plus, California and Florida have similar weather, and therefore it will be easy to adjust to your new home.

Florida Beach Sun
Sunny weather and beautiful beaches are one of the reasons why Californians perform coast-to-coast relocation to Florida.

4 – Plenty of Entertainment options

As you can see, there are many reasons for moving out of California, and lots of entertainment options in Florida are one of them. You probably know this, but, nothing goes better with sunny weather than many entertainment options. In Florida, there are more than enough choices to keep you entertained year-round. From world-class beaches, and the nightlife, to the hiking trails. You can live in Florida for the rest of your life and never run out of things to do.

Residents love to spend much of their time outdoors partaking in everything from water sports to cultural experiences. Popular water activities here are swimming, boating, scuba diving, paddle boarding, and fishing. Also, in Florida, you’ll have easy access to many attractions like Disney World and Universal Studios. Also, many hotels, restaurants, and bars offer plenty to do as well.

5 – Great for families with kids

Florida is great for families and that’s another reason why Californians decide to move here. Just make sure you know how to help your children during the move. Besides plenty of things to do for the whole family, low living costs, and sunny weather, Florida also has great education options. So, you kids can get a great education here.

Some of the well-known institutions are Orlando’s University of Central Florida, Tallahassee’s Florida State University, and the University of Florida in Gainesville. All of them offer amazing degree programs in many different topics. And, another great thing about colleges in Florida is cheaper tuition than in California. So, when you move to Florida, you’ll live in your dream place and your kids will have a great education, making Florida a great place for families.

University Florida FSU
Your kids will have great education opportunities in Florida.

In conclusion – Coast to coast relocation

Performing coast-to-coast relocation from California to Florida is very stressful and a very hard decision. But, if you move here you will not regret it. As you can see there are many reasons why Californians move to Florida. Hopefully, this article made that big step in your life a bit easier, so you reached your new dream home.

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