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Checklist for moving from Kuwait to California

California has always been an attractive state for international immigrants. Countless incomers migrate to Cali in pursuit of the American dream every single day. Even conservative countries, such as Kuwait, have many expats that decided to put their roots down in the Sunkist State. However, before you make this drastic change make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. If not prepared adequately moving from Kuwait to California will be a memorable experience. Just not it the good way.

What you need to know and take care of before moving from Kuwait to California

Starting over in California can be a great new chapter in your life. The Cali lifestyle has plenty of wonderful things to offer. However, settling in has to be the first thing on the menu. Still, before you even arrive at your new place and start the process of settling in, there is a lot that needs to be learned and done beforehand. So, let’s get started.

The Hollywood sign that you will be able to see in person after moving from Kuwait to California.
Get ready to feel the pop culture once you arrive in CA. At first, the differences from Kuwait might be overwhelming, but they will pass with time.

Brace yoursef fof the culture shock

If you were hoping of avoiding the culture shock that comes with this relocation, you might be greatly disappointed. Very often the drastic differences between two different cultures cause a certain dose of stress and discomfort. When moving to California, the chance of avoiding this part of the moving process is slim to none. Nevertheless, you can soften the blow by learning everything you can about your future home. The land of vegans, spray tans, bikinis, and Hollywood is quite different from Kuwait. It will take a little getting used to.

Learn the language before you get on the plane

Once you relocate to California from Kuwait you will not be able to hear the Arabic language on every corner. Of course, everybody is speaking English and if you don’t understand it, you might be in trouble. Upon arriving you don’t necessarily need to be fluent in English. Yet, you want to know at least the basics. Learn simple communication such as ordering food, asking for directions, etc. Even though that might sound like nothing, it will be of significant help as soon as you have touched ground in the US. So, while preparing for your move, don’t get stuck on websites such as Once you are done with hiring movers, move on over to language learning websites and mobile applications.

A person taking a breather with a cup of coffee and their cellphone.
Take advantage of modern technology and learn the language on the go, on your mobile phone or tablet.

Remote home hunting is also an option

One thing that can make your life easier during an overseas move is having a home to move into once you arrive at your final destination. Certainly, this is not a must, but putting roots down right away can be a great jumpstart on your adaptation. Use the internet to look for houses that you might like. Also, you can contact a real estate agent and hire them to search for properties for you. The more you manage to do before your moving day the better. Happy house hunting!

Try renting at first

And the infinite battle of renting vs buying in California continues. Being a homeowner is great. It can give you a sense of belonging and the liberty to do whatever you like with your property. Still, real estate in California is very expensive. Thus, before you decide to open up your wallet get to know the lay of the land. Experiment with neighborhoods or at least rent for a few months before you decide to make your final purchase. This way you will be sure that you are buying a property that is just perfect for you and your family.

Are all your documents in order?

Will your passport expire soon? Do your kids need special documentation to be enrolled in a Californian school? We barely scratched the surface with these two questions. Be careful and make sure all your documentation is in meticulous order before your trip. Particularly your travel documents. The last thing you want to be is stranded at an airport with an expired passport or have a similar issue on your hands.

An open passport with plenty of stemps inside it.
Make sure your passport is valid and ready for your upcoming relocation.

Dont underestimate the packing process

As soon as you start to pack you might feel as if your head is about to explode. Packing even for a small and local relocation is difficult. Meanwhile, you need to pack fora big international move. Brace yourself for this task. That was the bad news. The good news is that you don’t have to do it on your own. There are specialized people to help you out. One of the moving services that many moving companies offer are packing services. Give yourself a break and take advantage of that fact. However, make sure you hire packers that have experience with international shipping.

Have a simple and stress-free move with professional help

By now you probably know that this move will nota a breeze. There is a lot to be done on all fronts. Especially, if you plan on moving with your entire family. Spare yourself at least a part of the unavoidable stress and hire professional movers to assist you. We already mentioned the importance of professional packing services. In addition, there are also other services that can be of great help. Professional moving companies can supply packing materials, shipping services and so much more. This way you can reach the destination quickly and trouble-free.


Moving from Kuwait to California will be an interesting change of pace, to say the least. The differences between the two countries are major and that is one of the things you need to prepare yourself for. In addition to mental preparations, there are many moving tasks that you must complete. Thus, it is already evident that you will have plenty on your plate. That is why you have no time to waste. Start on time and make sure you dont procrastinate. During this move, taking your sweet time can get you in a lot of trouble. Otherwise, be happy, and embrace this change. Not only will you get a fresh start but you will be able to do it in one of the most beautiful states in the US.

January 13, 2021

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