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Cheap fun you can have if you move to Miami

At the very mention of Miami, we are sure that many of you have millions of associations. Lovely weather, for starts. With an average temperature of 24 °C here, you can wear your summer clothes for almost the whole year. Then, there are countless of wonderful places of nature to explore, and sports venues to visit. If you have children, they’ll surely be overjoyed to visit Disneyland, and go on an exciting broom ride in the World of Harry Potter in Universal Studio. Let’s not forget about the parties this state is so famous for!

Literally, we have never met anyone who hasn’t wished to come to this piece of Paradise on Earth.  If there is such a person, he’s probably been living under a rock all this time.  Joke aside, the Sunny State, as Florida is popularly called, and for a good reason, has always been very popular and attractive to both the people living in America and those from other countries. This state has so many things to offer and if you’re thinking about moving here, you’ve come to a right place.

Moving issue

Reliable movers in Miami - your only right choice
Make sure you hire reliable movers in Miami

But moving isn’t quite a simple thing to do. Lots of things have to be thought through and carefully planned in order for everything to go with the plan. Of course, there are things that will go unexpected, and that’s why it’s paramount to choose a reliable moving company. If you’ve decided to relocate to Miami, as one of the best that could be found in the state, we suggest you hire interstate movers Florida. They will offer you the great expertise, many years of experience, professionalism, and a genuine care for each and every client. One of the best things about them is that their clients’ reviews are transparently displayed for everyone to see and get informed. In this way, you will find out all the necessary information, first hand, from people who have already used their services.

Another great thing about this moving company is that they cover every South-Florida areas – from Aventura to Miami, to Wilton Manors, and many others. With their help, you can make sure they will set accurate estimate and provide all the help necessary regarding pickup and delivery. Precisely these issues are one of the most sensible ones, and demand a hand of a professional to handle everything.  People from most definitely are. It’s important to pay attention while packing your belongings so that the transportation part could go as smoothly as possible and your stuff arrive at the destination in one piece.

But if you’re worried that, once you’ve moved your life in Miami will be too expensive for you, don’t worry, there are many ways to live here, stay on a budget, and still have fun. Let’s take a look:


In order to enjoy your daily activities, it is important to have enough energy.  Where better than in good restaurants with delicious food? Since Miami is very close to the Bahamas and Cuba, you can find plenty of restaurants with authentic Cuban, Mexican and such cuisines. Try original Cuban sandwich with ham, Swiss cheese, mustard and pickles between slices of Cuban bread.

If you prefer the Mediterranean style of cuisine, then our recommendation is Lido Restaurant.

For sea food specialties, check out La Camaronera where you can eat the best shrimps in Miami. If however you prefer Asian food, we suggest Blackbrick Chinese which is located 3451 NE First Avenue, and on weekends until 3 pm, they offer dim sum specials for just $3.

Looking for the best French-style croissants in town? Fresh bread and delicious homemade pate and pastries? With other options such as Panini, or a sandwich with fresh ingredients? Head to Buena Vista Deli and enjoy a good slice and rich-flavored coffee in this charming French café.

Tasty pasta bites can be found at Macchialina offering you a very cozy and warm atmosphere making you love your morsels even more.

Best Miami restaurands
Restaurants in Miami


What’s a life without a good glass of wine or exotic taste of cocktails? At Beaker & Gray (2637 N. Miami Avenue), from 4 to 7 pm weekdays during the happy hour everything you order is just $5! Check out their menu and choose what best suits you.

Those of you who appreciate nicely crafted beer, then Concrete Beach Brewery might just be the place for you. For just $1 you can taste their signature beer during a free tour organized on Wednesday to Sunday.

More good news who those wine lovers. On Saturday, you can sample for free more than 1000 labels of international wines at Happy Wine in West Miami.


As we mentioned before, Florida’s nature is simply breathtaking. If you’re up for an adventure, then you might consider exploring Key Biscayne’s Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park for free lighthouse tours. For those coming on foot or by bike, park admission is $2 and $4 to $8 for vehicles.

For more cultural content, make sure to visit The Miami Design District, and check out gallery exhibitions at De La Cruz Collection and Contemporary Art free of charge.

And if you wish to get to know Miami a little bit better, then rent a Citi Bike for just $6 for two hours. Also, one of the best ways to see some very interesting places would be on Hop-on Hop-Off bus tours, and for other attractions such as Seaquarium, etc. do get FLEX Pass which provides amazing discounts. For children, what better fun is than in Disneyworld? See their special offers online before the arrival to obtain their special ticket passes.

Even though for almost every club in Ocean Drive you have to pay the entrance, for girls is most usually free of charge if they arrive before midnight.

Beachse are probably the best cheap fun in Miami
Beaches in Miami, probably the best cheap fun you can have


And let’s remember why we are here in the first place – THE BEACH! Oh, let’s correct that and say –THE ENDLESS BEACH. The best part – it’s free! You can’t beat that! The ways of entertainment at the beach are up to you. But mind that you can also enjoy refreshing drinks and cocktails. Or let yourself go and explore the depths of the sea and coral reefs.

So, what are you waiting for? Sunglasses on, flip flops, put on your swimsuit and you’re ready to go. Enjoy the sunshine! We can’t wait to dive in water,

November 30, 2017

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