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Best time of year for California relocation

Moving is a physically challenging task. Weather can really influence your move and stress during the relocation believe it or not. This is why you have to wisely choose when you will be moving. The weather changes in California quite a lot. This is why you have to make sure the right time to move. This is why we have decided to write what we as professional California-based movers think when is the best time of the year for a California relocation.

The weather in California depends on the time of the year

As in most places so in California, the weather changes throughout the season. Before this wasn’t really the case. But now with global warming, the weather has become quite unpredictable. Not a lot of people think about this when planning a move hence why we want to talk about it. You have to prepare for a move in advance and this surely is one of the things you need to think about.

Road in California.
The weather can be unpredictable in California.

Bad weather can make your move more stressful

No matter whether moving within a city or from one city to another, you will surely have to take out your belonging out of your home. If the weather is too warm, the process will last a lot longer as this is a physical task we are talking about. If it is raining outside, there are quite a few things that can go wrong such as carrying large objects. This also means potentially slipping and falling. The last thing you want happening is being injured during the whole process. You might also have something of yours damaged. This is why you have to avoid moving during certain periods of the year. So, to make it easier we have decided to tell you about moving through every season of the year in California.

Moving in fall

As this is the current time of the year, let us tell you about moving in the fall. September and October have very mild temperatures. No extremely high temperatures. Not a lot of rain during the autumn months either. This is why moving during this time of the year is not a bad idea at all. Certain areas of the state are more pleasant than the others but the weather is very similar everywhere.

If planning on moving your entire household yourself, this is the best time to do it. This is when the weather is most predictable as it is almost the same every day. You will not have to worry about slippery roads and high temperatures if you decide to move during this time. This means that all physically challenging moving tasks will be much easier to handle.

Autumn in California.
The best time for a California relocation is fall.

Moving in wintertime

One of the worst things you can do is moving during wintertime. This is when California has the worst weather. It can get quite cold during November and December but January as well. It also gets wet, for a while California has been experiencing more rain than before. This can make the moving process last longer. Also, it is very easy to slip if carrying something heavy.

This is when you surely have to hire professionals for assistance. There are moving teams that are able to assist with anything you might need. As they are professionals they are able to do all of these tasks with a lot of care. Luckily, there are plenty of options when it comes to moving companies.

Make sure to choose the right moving assistance

Now that we have mentioned hiring professional movers you have to decide which moving company you will be hiring for the task. If planning on also hiring packing services, you have to find the best option. You cannot let just anyone do the packing for you. Mod Movers CA is a good option to consider. They have lots of moving services and they also have plenty of experience with moving during winter in California.

Hiring moving assistance is a must no matter which time of the year you are moving during.

When choosing which moving company to hire, you need to do plenty of research before doing so. There are plenty of websites when you can read other people’s experiences with certain moving companies. Also, make sure to check the moving company’s social media as this is also where people leave comments about their experience. Hiring movers online is possible, you just have to do enough research.

Moving in summer

If moving during summertime, hiring movers is a must. This is when the weather is the warmest. Especially during July and August. If moving in the summertime you have to take longer breaks as the heat can be dangerous. California experiences quite a lot of wildfires which can also be an issue for the move. This is why you have to think ahead.

But quite a lot of people have a California relocation in the summertime. This is the most common time for a move as this is when lots of young people move to California. Some for college, some for a job, and some in order to start a family in a nice small California town.

Springtime in California is also a good time to move

You can wait for the winter to pass and move in the springtime. It is also a time of the year when the temperatures are mild and the weather is the most predictable. If you are able to wait until spring, it is best to do so. But that doesn’t mean not to hire movers. Just make sure to have a California relocation at the right time. This way you will not have to deal with moving stress. It can be very easy for one to get stressed out from all the moving tasks.

September 16, 2021

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