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Best outdoor activities in LA

Are you thinking of living in LA any time soon? That’s great! Once you take a closer look, you’ll see that Los Angeles offers plenty of great amenities to anyone who’s prepared to relocate here. And when you do, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of that gorgeous LA weather! We’ve thought of that, and that’s why we’ve prepared a list of the best outdoor activities in LA for you right here. So if you want to find out about all the fun stuff you can do in the great outdoors – read on!

A cookout on the beach as one of the best outdoor activities in LA

When you move somewhere new with a warm climate, you may want to think about getting fit and beach-ready. If you were to move to Dubai, for example – you’d hire personal trainers like to help you with. And you might do the same if you were moving to LA. But while you can go in that direction – why not have some fun on the beach as well? For example – have you thought about taking a gander at California’s laid-back culture? Hop down to Dockweiler State Beach; it’s near Playa del Rey, and it’s perfect for chilling on the coast. 

Why this beach specifically? Coincidentally, this is the only beach in Los Angeles where you can legally have a bonfire on the beach itself. If you take a walk along the shore, you’ll find dozens upon dozens of fire pits which people gather around. So why not have a fun barbecue right there by the sea? Take a couple of your friends with you, and make use of one of the best outdoor activities in LA. Plus, you and your buddies can relax watching planes land and take off LAX right here!

Have a smooth coastal drive

Sure, you can have some healthy fun by finding your personal fitness trainer after moving. But as we’ve mentioned, exercise is just one of the fun outdoor activities in LA. For example – did you know that you’ve got one of the most amazing scenic coastal drives nearby? That’s right – Route 1 is just around the corner, so why not take a drive along one of the most astounding coastal sights in North America? The Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most popular coastal drives in the US. And sure, its extreme popularity may make you think that it’s just a tourist trap; but that’s far from the truth.

A coastal road seen from the air.
The LA stretch of the Pacific Drive is one of the most beautiful ones!

Even if you’re just visiting California and not moving here, this is one of the things you definitely must experience. And if you’re moving to LA, even better; because the part that goes through LA is actually the most scenic segment of the drive. We especially recommend driving to Malibu. And then, just go straight ahead to the part between Paradise Cove and El Matador Beach. Once you’re there, you’ll find many beautiful rock formations and other natural sights. Plus, if you don’t do the drive during peak tourist week, you won’t feel crowded too, and it’ll be a smoother drive.

Snorkeling at Catalina Island

One of the best parts of moving somewhere with a warmer climate is experiencing all the interesting outdoor events. And when you’re moving here, there are a lot of outdoor activities in LA you can try. For example – did you know that you can do some amazing snorkeling in the area? We recommend visiting the Channel Islands archipelago; there are some great spots right there. And among them, Catalina Island is definitely one of the best choices. You can find it off the coast of Southern California. Don’t worry, if you don’t think you can be bothered, it’s actually not that long of a trip.

Fish you can see while snorkeling underwater.
Snorkeling is a great way to spend the day near LA!

Once you take a boat from the mainland, it won’t take you more than an hour to reach the island. If the crowds on the coast are bothering you, and you want to get away somewhere where are less people; this island is definitely the best option for you. And if you’re up for some snorkeling, you’ll find this area to be awesome too. The waters around Catalina Island are crystal clear and have some quite memorable fish and other water-based wildlife and coral reefs. Also, if you decide to stay the night; you’ll find a few pretty decent hotels there as well.

Do some breathtaking hiking

While we’ve mentioned a few coastal outdoor activities in LA you can partake in, that’s far from the only option around here. Did you know that LA and the surrounding area are actually perfect for hiking as well; even climbing? There’s Mount San Antonio, which is a pretty challenging climb for people not used to that kind of lifestyle. And it’s a perfect place to start! This is actually the tallest peak in LA; it’s somewhere around 10,000 feet high! It’s also known as Mount Baldy, because of its topographical baldness; there are barely any trees in the area. But while that may sound depressing, it’s actually the opposite; because that means you’ve got a scenic view as far as the eye can see.

A man jumping between rocks while hiking.
Hiking is one of the best activities in the region!

If you come here during the winter, this LA attraction is actually a part of a ski trail. But yeah, if you arrive while summer is still riding high, the defrosted trails will give you a good hiking opportunity. It’s a little more than 10 miles to the top and back; but if you don’t feel like making the trip on foot, you can always take the lift.




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