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Best floors for increasing the resale value of your home

If you’re thinking about selling your home, you should consider doing some remodeling that could increase your home value. But, after you go through all of the renovations, you want it to pay off, you want to get a return on your investment. So, to make sure that your renovations will pay off, you should read about the best floors for increasing the resale value of your home.

Remodeling before selling

When buying a new home, most buyers want a house that’s ready for moving in. And this is especially the case with young generations. If they have to change the floors, it’s going to affect the price of the home. But, if they love what they see, most buyers will pay over the asking price. And one of the first things you notice when you enter a house is floors. So it doesn’t really help if the floor is stained or warped.

What are the best floors for increasing your home’s value?

You should definitely consider replacing floors that are damaged. And first, start with the kitchen and bathroom, and then, the living room. But, what you should keep in mind is that carpeting is not so good for increasing your home’s value. However, hardwood or another kind of hard surface are the best floors if you want to increase the resale value of your home.

Hardwood floor.
Hardwood should be your top choice

Cost vs. value of new floors

Hardwood is more expensive than carpet, but carpet won’t last as long as hardwood. You might not have to change hardwood floors in your lifetime if you properly maintain it.

Type of flooring and return on investment

If you’re looking for the best floors for increasing the resale value of your home, the answer is hard surface flooring. And the best of them are hardwood. But, if you already have hardwood floors, you could refinish it, as it’s not really expensive as you might think. But, the reason why you should do it, is because it will give you the best return on investment. And this kind of flooring has never gone of fashion. However, you can also consider engineered hardwood.

Is hardwood really the best choice?

Wood is great, but, it might not be the best option for your home. In the areas with humid weather and a warmer climate, wood flooring can warp or even grow mold. That’s why if you live in an area with a tropical climate for example, like Florida, you should explore other options. Tile, marble, and stone floors are the options you should consider in this case.

Modern apartment with ceramic time flooring.
Ceramic tile is one of the options

What are the best floors for increasing the resale value of your home? Hard surface flooring seems to be the best choice, but it really depends on several factors. So, put it all on paper before you make the decision and you’ll get the answer you need.

September 20, 2020

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