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7 captivating facts about beaches that will make you want to move to LA

If you have plans for international moving you must have heard of a busy, extravagant life in Los Angeles.  Living in LA can be quite a different experience! If you are moving cross country, the cultural diversity you will find in this city is definitely something to excite you. Whether you are moving to LA with a partner, as a family or you are single- moving long distance can make your lifestyle change. Here are the most captivating facts about Los Angeles beaches that will make you wanna move there!

Getting to the beach

Beaches in this city are spread on more than 75 miles. All along the coast of LA and they are very well connected to the metro area. Although LA is known for its busy traffic, there is plenty of neighborhoods that are positioned all along these beaches. LA’s weather conditions make it perfect for cycling to the beach if you are a fitness loving person. Considering that this city has an annual rainfall of 15 inches (38 cm), and over 292 annual days of sunshine,  the weather will inspire you to look for a daily getaway on the beach. Temperatures in Los Angeles are moderate through the whole year, and the sky view is most beautiful during winter. So if the summer heat is not your favorite part of year, get some friends and light a fire on the beach while watching the sunset.

Friendly people are everywhere

LA is known for its friendly people and it does not have a majority population. You can find many people on the streets more than willing to talk to you. Many locals will look like they are too laid back for an 11 a.m. on Wednesday, working out on the beach. The reason is simple: many locals have very flexible working hours and are not used to 9-5 office lifestyle. The diversity of people in LA will make you feel like you are not a tourist, and feel like home.

Casual dress code is a common thing associated with LA. You can find people dressed casually while going to the workplace but also walking on the beaches. If you have a hard time getting around, ask people for advice. They will be more than happy to help and to socialize! Venice Beach is best known for meeting new people, bicycling and walking and it is the 2nd-largest tourist attraction behind Disneyland!

LA beaches take romance to a new level

For the romantic soul, or the ones looking for a movie-scene-like romance, El Matador Beach could be just right for you. Romantic walks, beautiful sunset scenery and very clear water are what you will find there. This beach is secluded, and it is perfect for romantic walks. If you are up for a sailing trip, visit Long beach where you can find many deals on sailing trips, or admire the view on the second-busiest port in the USA. Having plans to take your loved one to a romantic dinner? There are plenty of different restaurants you can choose from, all along the beach coast.

Pets are very welcomed

Are you are an animal lover? Is your family dog is moving to Los Angeles with you? If the answer is yes, you will be thrilled to find friends on the beach! Many beaches in LA are pet-friendly, but the most popular are Rosie’s dog beach. There are many activities you can involve in with your pet. You can go running, swimming and taking your dog to socialize in dog parks. Some other dog-friendly beaches are Leo Carillo State Beach and Huntington dog beach. For more pieces of information, you can visit


dog swimming
Why leave your pet behind? At Rosie’s dog beach your dog can enjoy a sunny day with you!

Active and healthy lifestyle is very common

If you are a sports activity enthusiast, on Will Rogers state beach you can do beach volleyball, take a long walk, run or ride a bike. Choose from many water sports activities (surfing, scuba diving…). Other beaches perfect for water sports are Manhattan Beach – the busiest place for meeting bike and roller blade riders. The Venice Beach Recreation Center is where you will find many bodybuilding enthusiasts. If you are a healthy lifestyle person, you can find people doing yoga, running, working out and find many healthy food places around.

Family getaways can be relaxing for both parents and kids

If you plan on having a relaxing day with your family, there are plenty things to do for kids on LA beaches. Relaxing for both parents and children on Leo Carillo state beach is more than possible! Beach combing, swimming, surfing and scuba diving will make hyperactive kids busy. Children can also get active by playing by the tide pools and exploring the nature around. Mother’s Beach in Marina del Rei is perfect for smaller children. You don’t have to worry about your kids being around bigger waves. For a more quiet atmosphere, you can visit Playa del Rei beach. This beach is never crowded and it is also known as „the sleepy beach“.

kids on the beach
Keep your children busy on Leo Carillo state beach!

There is plenty of things to keep you interested through the day

You will probably decide to visit one of the beaches for a whole day. You can move around and change your activities all day long. On a hot, summer day you can find many local restaurants to get away and enjoy your time. If you just to lay down and read a book, be lazy and not socialize too much, go ahead. If you don’t want to spend too much money, you can always find a natural shade under a palm tree. It is very likely to meet people you can talk and hang out with. No matter what your idea of a perfect day on the beach is, one of the many Los Angeles beaches will offer you the excitement you want.

LA socializing
If you wanna socialize, friends are easy to find at LA beaches

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