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6 things Californians need to adapt to when moving to Florida

It is not an easy job to relocate long-distances from CA to FL. That’s why your mission will be to learn how to do it right and how to prepare properly for this transition. Apart from that, you should be quite organized for performing the big move, and ready for the adjustment period. Considering you will leave the West Coast for the East Coast, there are lots of life-changing things to encounter. So, continue reading this article and discover the 6 things Californians need to adapt to when moving to Florida

You see, changing mountains and the convenient climate in CA for wet and humidity in FL is for a sure a big shift. But you should know that the Sunshine State has lots of amazing things to offer. In the beginning, the costs of living are lots cheaper in Florida. Also, the prices of real estate are much more affordable than in California. Apart from that, Florida is an ideal location for outdoor enthusiasts. So, once you become a resident there will be plenty of time to learn how to unpack after a move. Leave those boxes and get ready for exploring this wonderful place. It will help you adapt faster and, it will make the transition to Florida much easier. 

House in Florida.
The first thing you must do, is to find the perfect home in Florida.

1 – When you become a resident, you can start adapting to the new ambiance

In Florida, you will have plenty of opportunities when it comes to exploring a new environment. In no time, you will discover that the warm temperatures, sunny weather, and access to miles of coastline aren’t the only special things about this place. You will also get excellent spots for swimming, diving, fishing, walking, hiking, cycling, boating, and many other activities. The time after the move you can spend on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches in Florida. The best way you can prepare for the is to have a plan. So, as soon as you get ready for the big move on sites like, you should organize the adaption period as well. Look online for areas you want to visit first, and without a doubt, you will feel like you are home.

2 – Begin the process of accommodations by getting ready for small changes

The period after the move requires many things. So, you should use that time to properly get ready for the new life in Florida. Since you have to adapt, it would be wise to start this mission in your new place of living. 

There are lots of changes you can make in your new home in Florida. You can decorate it, rearrange the furniture, and organize the entire place as you want. Also, you can get additional space for your items by using Florida storage services. Your precious belongings will be safe, while you can prepare your new home or apartment ready for arrival.

Sunglasses, laptop, beach.
Grab your gear and get ready for discovering things Californians need to adapt to when moving to Florida.

3 – The next thing Californians need to adapt to when moving to Florida is the city itself

For example, if you decide to relocate to Miami, your job will be to collect everything you can find about this place. You have to learn about living in this amazing city, how to will you get around, and what makes him so special. Most of this informations you can get online, but to experience the area properly, you should do it as a resident. Newcomers from California will enjoy many activities that Miami has to offer. You will meet new cultures, see beautiful landmarks, and have fun with friendly locals. That is something you can’t do it online, so use these possibilities to spend your time right during the adjustment period.

4 – Californians need to accept the changes to adapt to Florida

For starters, there is a completely new space you have at your disposal for exploring. In that adventure, you will discover how Florida diverse is. So, remember this when, for instance, planning on moving from LA to Miami. In that case, you need to be aware of the difference between living in LA and Miami. That information will help you a lot to prepare well and get ready for the changes. Just take your time and enjoy everything that the Sunshine State offers. Be open to meet new people, whether they are neighbors, locals, or tourists.

Concert. Events are also one of the things Californians need to adapt to when moving to Florida.
Find a perfect way to spend your time so you can conquer the homesickness and adapt to your new life in FL.

5 – Focusing on why you are in FL are can help with the adjustment

  • So, if you are a young professional and you are coming for a job in Florida, you can concentrate on it. 
  • Also, when you are moving your entire family to Florida, make sure everything is ready. Find the right school for your kids, and work on their education. FL is home to some of the best schools and universities, so you won’t have any trouble getting the one that suits your kids’ requirements. 
  • Retirees have plenty of activities for exploring interesting things to see and do. So, when coming here, you will have many things to spend your time at.

6 – Californians need to adapt to new regulations and laws when moving to Florida

When it comes to these things, you will find Florida much more affordable. You see, there are lots of benefits you should be aware of. There are no income taxes, the housing is more affordable, and you can easily find a job. Just inform yourself about this step, and you will be ready for life in Florida in no time. You will discover how to prepare well for what’s coming.

Some of the best places in Florida that Californians will love

  • Sarasota
  • Vero Beach
  • Boca Raton
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Key West
  • Hallandale Beach
  • Orlando
  • Tallahassee
  • Tampa Bay
  • St. Petersburg

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