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5 reasons why expanding to Las Vegas is good for your company

Las Vegas is good or even great for many things. Business is just one of them. This is a very famous city, and because of that, people usually assume this is a very expensive place. But the reality is different. Of course, touristy places can be expensive. Casino and all the entertainment places are usually costly. But, that’s showbusiness for you. Las Vegas is so much more than casinos. There is a whole living city around it. And, costs of living there are not high. Even real estate prices are pretty reasonable. So you can rent or buy office space for a pretty reasonable price. That is a piece of good news. Let’s explore together why expanding to Las Vegas is an excellent choice for business owners.

Number one reason why expanding to Las Vegas is good for your company

We just mentioned the prices – just like everything else in Vegas they are melting. But let’s explain it a bit further. The average rent for office space in Vegas for a full-service lease is $1.99 per sq. ft. per month. That means $23.16 annually per sq. ft. per month. Of course, buying an office space is always an option. Investing in property in Vegas can be a very smart move. They have low investment property taxes and no personal income tax.

The second reason why expanding to Las Vegas is good for your company

You will be in great company. There are many big and famous businesses here. MGM Resorts International, Caesars Entertainment, Johnson Electric, and Wynn Resorts are just some of them. You will be needing a business license. The License Fee is $500 for Corporations and about $200 for other business types. Your business license needs to be renewed annually.

Las Vegas sign
There are some worldwide famous companies here.

Location, location, location

If you are in the music business, show business, or any kind of entertainment business this is one of the best locations for you. This is the third reason why Las Vegas can be great for your company. Even if you are in the beauty business, like make-up and such this can be a perfect place for you. Many make-up companies like “Anastasia Beverly Hills” actually expanded their business here so they can be close to their moving commercials – Vegas shows. Celebrity impersonators and drag queens are just some of them. Gamers also like it here. You can talk more

Fun factor

Some jobs are considered to be boring. That is fine, they need to be done too. Some are very responsible and people working those jobs need to relax after. If your business is in Las Vegas, Nevada you will be able to offer people working for you some amazing team building like stand-up comedians, Cirque du Soleil. Even magic shows can be great or Broadway musicals, adult shows, and funny hypnotists. In the city, there is always someone famous singing at some of the top concert venues.

Las Vegas at night
No one will be able to match Las Vegas team building.

Corporation incentives

Last year and a half were hard for many businesses and the global economy due to the coronavirus. Many businesses were closed and in trouble. Now that spring is coming, everything is reopening the governor said that they will be giving incentives to corporations looking to expand or open their business in Nevada. Incentives will vary from other types of business. Also, this year’s mortgage rates are pretty low for the same reason and if you are looking to buy a real estate property in Vegas, you will get good rates.

Relocating your business to Las Vegas

If you are about to relocate your office to Nevada or Las Vegas to be more exact we have some tips to help you.

  • make an educated decision – before you move your business do some research, learn all you need to know about this city so you can fit in quickly
  • find an office space in time, hire a realtor if you think it will be quicker
  • make sure that your office space is in the right neighborhood
  • be smart about your budget, you can hire advisors to help you stay on track
  • plan ahead for office relocation and contact professionals at to assist you in the process

Office relocation

Relocating your office can be a challenging task. You should leave that to professionals. Rely on experienced people to do this efficiently and quickly. But you still need to plan this and of course, you need to pack. Movers usually can offer you packing as an additional service.

Settling in in Las Vegas

So, you are done with relocation. Renting or buying an office space will leave you with an empty office. You need to do something about it before your people start working from there. Hiring an interior designer can be a smart move for big offices. But if you have a small one, you can do it on your own. It is not that hard since everything should be clean, efficient, maybe even minimalistic in order to be professional. Having added something fun and decorative is always nice. That can be something small like an accent wall. Just make sure there is no clutter. That is the last thing office space needs. Separating desks might be smart again due to the global pandemic and make sure every desk has gel sanitizer on it. This is just to keep your people safe.

Working in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is good if you like summer. The weather is hot. You need to know that and be prepared. Having AC in your office is a must. People need to be comfortable while working, so invest in a good one if you don’t want your electricity bills to be high. You will recognize the good ones easily. They will have the word “inverter” written on them. This means they don’t use much electricity. People from Florida or Texas can easily get used to the Nevada weather. Others will be needing some time to adjust.

June 4, 2021

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