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4 challenges people from LA face when they move to NYC

In case you live in Los Angeles in sunny California but have in mind relocating to New York City, you have to be aware of the fact that nothing will be the same the moment you step your foot in the Big Apple. Many things will be completely different when you move to NYC and there will be certain challenges for you to overcome. Here, in this article, you will find the four most common things that newcomers from Los Angeles need some time to get used to.

The cost of living will be higher for people who move to NYC from LA

First of all, the cost of living is much higher in New York City than it is in Los Angeles. So, when planning your relocation to this city, you need to be ready to spend more money on everyday things. Some people feel more secure if they start saving money months prior to their moving day, just in case.

Less space presents a problem for some persons

Secondly, most of the people in New York City live in apartments that are not so spacious. The situation with housing in Los Angeles is completely different, so it can be an obstacle for some persons. However, the lack of space issue can be easily resolved. The best thing that you can do is rent a storage space for some of your possessions.

It is very simple to find storage services on the internet nowadays. Perhaps you would want to check out and see if their prices and way of doing things suit you.

Apartment buildings where you can rent or buy an apartment before your move to NYC.
The majority of residents of New York City live in small apartments in huge buildings.

Crowds on the streets can be chaotic for the ones who move to NYC from LA

Thirdly, when people from Los Angeles move to New York City, the first thing that can make them a bit nervous is the crowd on the streets. This can be stressful in the first couple of weeks, but later will not be a big deal. Moreover, people who live and work in the Big Apple tend to be more reserved than the people from Los Angeles. This does not have to be the case with every person. Many justify this by a faster pace of living and a lot of stress.

People on the streets of NYC.
Many people on the streets can be a bit chaotic to some persons.

Parking in NYC is very expensive

Finally, there is the parking issue. You need to know that parking prices are very high in New York City. Most people there use public transport or simply walk. Therefore, you should consider using the subway too. Definitely, it will be more practical not just because of the money, but also because of the crowds on the streets.

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