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10 LA moving mistakes to avoid

Moving usually isn’t what most would call a fun endeavour. According to studies, putting your entire life in boxes and shipping them to a new place is the most stressful experience for a large majority of adults. What you wouldn’t want is to settle in your new LA home and notice that your grandma’s prized plate set is now a heap of shards and fine porcelain dust or that you can’t have a celebratory drink because you are not sure which of your 287 boxes contains the glasses. To help you avoid these dreadful situations, we are giving you the 10 LA moving mistakes to avoid:

First mistake: To think you can do it yourself

“So, why don’t I call up a few friends and pack everything in a truck? I myself will drive it across the country to my new home in LA. This is bound to save money”. Out of all the LA moving mistakes, this one is the most obvious

HOW TO FIX IT: Don’t go for the whole DIY thing if you are not absolutely sure that you can hack it. If you really want to participate, you can help the professional movers to speed up the process. There will be other things that will require your attention on your moving day. You will have your hands full even with the help of professional movers.

Second mistake: Not fully researching at least three moving companies

Sure, you want to get this stressful ordeal out of your hair as soon as possible so you hired the cheapest and “fastest” mover without doing a thorough background check. And now, while you are sitting in your lovely new LA home, your things are on their way to Alaska.

HOW TO FIX IT: Research the movers completely and research at least three movers before you call them. Some may be cheaper but may bill you some additional fees, some may be scammers who are after your stuff and some may be just plain incompetent. To make sure you choose the right mover, always ask for a binding/non-binding estimate of the costs. Also, check if the company has insurance and whether it covers any potential damage that might befall your possessions.

Third mistake: Forgetting that your pets are moving with you

Well, let’s be honest, no one forgets their pet is moving with them, but what one may forget is how the move may affect them – if it’s stressful for you, there is a big chance that your pet is stressed out as well.

HOW TO FIX IT: Take your pet to the vet before the move. Ask your vet for the best possible way to move your pet without stressing it out. Remember to ask for a recommendation of a vet in LA best suited for your pet’s needs.

10 LA moving mistakes to avoid
Being too sentimental with your clothes is one of the most common LA moving mistakes

Fourth mistake: Being too sentimental with your clothes

Sure, it is very comfy and your mom gave it to you for that Christmas, but do you really need a thick wool sweater in LA?

HOW TO FIX IT: Get rid of the stuff you won’t need in LA. Not only will this reduce the cost of the moving but it will also make the packing a lot easier. You can choose the clothes which you’ll bring with you and sell/donate the rest. This way to are helping yourself while helping others too.

Fifth mistake: Not packing an emergency bag

This is your essential worst case scenario survival kit in case your move to LA turns into a hellish nightmare of delays and lost things or a. Don’t skimp on it and definitely don’t go without it, avoid this LA moving mistake.

HOW TO FIX IT: Since no one can foresee unforeseen circumstances, it is better to be prepared. Pack a bag/backpack with essentials that will allow you to have a normal life for at least a week without your things.


  • personal hygiene items
  • some small tools
  • duct tape
  • medication
  • a few extra pairs of underwear
  • a couple of pairs of socks
  • some clothes
  • money

You can include a laptop in case you need to do some work while you are waiting on your things. Pack this in your car, along with other small items like jewelry or your coin collection.

Don’t make an LA moving mistake, pack you medication in an emergency bag

Sixth mistake: Not labeling the boxes properly

You moved to LA and everything went well. You are feeling awesome and want to celebrate. Deciding you want to brew some coffee you start searching for your coffee maker. After the sixth box of clothes you opened you are feeling more stressed out than you did when you were packing.

HOW TO FIX IT: Label the boxes by content on all sides. Mark the UP and DOWN sides and label the boxes with fragile items. Not only will this help you when unpacking but will warn the movers which sides go where. Also, try to pack heavy things in smaller boxes to make them easier to be carried.

Seventh mistake: Rushing through the inventory checklist

We all want to get along with moving as fast as we can so we can continue with our lives, but there are things that require patience and focus. Making and checking your inventory is probably the most important one.

HOW TO FIX IT: When you are packing your things, make a checklist of them and go through it with your movers one by one. This way, the movers cannot claim that something wasn’t there if it gets lost or damaged. Do not let the movers rush you through the list. Take your time, and check everything. And then double check it. And then, to be on the safe side, check it again just to make sure you didn’t forget anything.

10 LA moving mistakes to avoid
If you want to avoid common moving mistakes, don’t rush through the list – check everything twice!

Eighth mistake: Disrespecting the movers

We can all be snappy sometimes and the stress of moving can make us unpleasant, but there is no reason to

take it out on the poor movers. Remember, these guys will transport all of your precious belongings, so treat them with respect.

HOW TO FIX IT: If you are feeling extra moody try to avoid communication as much as possible. If you feel that they are doing something wrong, you can always tell them in a calm and professional manner. Try to avoid these LA moving mistakes by being polite.

Ninth mistake: Packing things completely assembled

Why would you disassemble your bed only to assemble it again tomorrow? Well, if not to spare your poor movers the agony of carrying your 500 lb oak armoire in one piece, then to save your furniture from damage. Assembled furniture is more likely to be damaged in transportation.

HOW TO FIX IT: Disassemble everything yourself if you can, put all the small parts in separate bags and label them, including an explanation of how to assemble the specific piece of furniture. Also, don’t forget to take out all light bulbs from the lamps before you pack them, to avoid breaking them during transportation.

Tenth mistake: Not remembering to change your address

Sounds obvious, right? However, this is a very common mistake. You told everyone that you are moving but your mail still arrives to your old address.

HOW TO FIX IT: Best way to avoid one of these LA moving mistakes is to go to the local post office and inform them that you are moving a week before your moving day. You might have to change/update your driver’s license as well.

Now that you know to avoid these usual LA moving mistakes, your move will be a lot easier and much more stress free. Remember to keep a positive attitude and enjoy your new life in one of the most amazing and popular cities in the world.

December 10, 2017

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