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Useful advice on moving to Los Angeles

So you are planning to move to LA? Congrats! We are highly aware that moving to a city like LA can be a tough decision to make and a big step to take. You will probably ask yourself so many questions and do a lot of research. That is exactly the reason we are here – to support you and try to help you with your moving process. We want to stick up for you so you can finally come up with a best decision if you are moving to Los Angeles. And all this without much stress and tension. Relocating to LA can either be scary or the best thing you will ever do in your life, both for your career and yourself.

Explore the LA neighborhoods

If you are moving to Los Angeles you are very lucky and that will be an incredible experience. There are nearly 10 million people in LA, and if you are that type of person who enjoys being around people, you will love it. There are many vibrant multicultural neighborhoods in this city. The best way to search for your new LA dream home to relocate is by exploring top boroughs of this exciting metropolitan. LA is made of 81 boroughs with more than 10 million citizens and the style that it has to offer you will not find anywhere else. LA is a city with modern improvements, extremely stylish and up to date. There are plenty of adventures to have and you can never run out of things to do if you are the person who can relax and just have a good time. The point is – Los Angeles has something for everyone.

The public transportation system is not very good

The city is really big, and it is not like any of the other big cities. Because it is very spread out, the public transportation is not functioning very well. It is almost impossible to get around with a bus and soon you will realize that driving here is a must. When you flip the coin, it means you have so much more to explore. So, this not so good public transportation system maybe is not that bad after all! It can take several years to get to know the city which is a good thing. If you are moving to Los Angeles that is great because there will always be plenty of things to do and discover for many years to come.

Here is some more heads-up:

If you are moving to Los Angeles be aware that public transportation is not the best option
Public transportation system in LA in not very good
  • Avoid driving between 4pm-7pm- traffic is a complete chaos between these times almost every day in a week.
  • Learn the city layout- get on Google maps and try to learn the arrangement of the LA. It is good to know all the major roads in LA including Santa Monica, Olympic, Sepulveda, Pico and Wilshire Boulevard. These roads are dividing LA and will help you maneuver around major traffic jams.
  • Get the new DMV- you must have a new driver’s license for Los Angeles, California.
  • Try not to get parking tickets- mind the signs when you park on the street and make sure you are able to park during each day or time. Parking citations start around $60, so you have to be careful and read the signs.
  • Always use the cross walk- You will have to use the cross walk and wait until you see the green sign. Do not even think about crossing the street if you see the red hand. Jaywalking tickets are very common and it will cost you up to $200.

Explore the city

LA has so much to offer that is not related to the business. LA is the entertainment capital of the world and a paradise of good weather. If you are moving to Los Angeles, you should know that this beautiful metropolis is definitely a place to be and it will not disappoint you. LA is home to Southern California’s greatest beaches, extending from Malibu to Long Beach. In the LA coastal area you can find some of the best spots for surfing, urban shops and breathtaking oceanfront dining. This seaside city is one of a kind, offering you peculiar landmarks like Venice’s iconic Muscle Beach, Santa Monica’s famous pier, and Malibu’s amazing shorelines. Also, there is San Pedro further south, which is home to the Battleship USS Iowa, and the hip and chic beach towns that make-up Redondo, Hermosa and South-Bay Manhattan.

LA is self-centered by necessity

Los Angeles is maybe the most individualist part of America. Although most Americans are lone wolfs, the citizens of Los Angeles are very focused on themselves. That is mostly because many people are employed in the entertainment industry. If you are moving to Los Angeles you must be aware of the fact that people talk about themselves a lot because they feel they have to, for self-promotion. You just have to learn to patiently listen to them and try not to fault them for being so self-aggrandizing.

Dogs are welcome

Moving to LA with your dog
Dogs are welcome in three LA beaches

If you are moving to Los Angeles with your dog, both of you will have some special treats! LA is a very dog-friendly city with plenty of welcoming restaurants with outdoor yards, boarding and daycare facilities, shopping centers, dog parks and, believe it or not, dog hotels. Nevertheless, dogs are not allowed on the beach (just on the beach boardwalks and on Santa Monica Pier), but there are three designated dog beaches:

  1. Rosie’s Dog Beach
  2. Leo Carrillo State Beach
  3. Huntington Beach

Los Angeles quick advice:

  • Manage your money
  • Make your own work
  • Take a class
  • Accept being rejected
  • Ditch the credit cards
  • Avoid loans or credit cards to pay for your living expenses
  • Do not worry so much
  • Stay around positive people
  • Be a part of your new community
  • Prepare yourself for some challenging driving
  • Be organized
  • Research parking
  • Don’t get disappointed if you don’t “make it” during your first year
  • Never doubt why you chose moving to Los Angeles
  • Enjoy!


If you are moving to Los Angeles that is great and probably one of the best decisions in your life, but moving to LA and knowing what to do when you are there is even better. You must be well informed and prepared. That is why in this article we offered you some useful advice for your relocation to LA. We hope we could help you at least just a bit.



February 3, 2017

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