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Tips for finding a roommate in LA

Many people move to LA on a daily basis. Among others, there is a great number of young people looking for a cheaper place to live while sorting out their future. One of the best ways to find an affordable place is to find a roommate. Don’t trick yourself, LA is an expensive place and it’s not just rooms. Search for as many tips for finding a roommate in LA as you can, and ask more experienced peers.

Tips for finding a roommate in LA

There are many ways to live in LA on a budget and having a roommate is one of the most efficient. Maybe you are thinking about hiring LA movers who provide high-quality service, then settle in see how it looks like. No matter what, it is much better for your budget to rent a room and share expenses than the entire place alone. However, if you plan to do it the right way you should invest a lot of time until you find someone appropriate.

When to start your search for a roommate?

You need to start looking for rooms and roommates as soon as possible. You don’t want to be stuck with someone who is difficult to deal with, and who will make your life hard. Many young people will be in a similar position like yourself so it shouldn’t be so hard to find potential candidates. However, if you are totally new in LA know that many people avoid total strangers. Also, a roommate can help you get around if you have no previous experience of the city. There is only one dilemma before venturing forth:

  • Rent a room from someone
  • Sign a lease by yourself then find a roommate
sharing your keys is a sign of trust
You should think hard before placing your trust in a total stranger.

Connections tips for finding a roommate in LA

If you have any connections in LA you should start using them. This way you could spare yourself the trouble and place a little trust in people you already know. Get in touch with everyone, and who knows, maybe a friend of a friend knows someone. When you finally start seeing potential roommates, take the time get to know them. Again, don’t desperately rush into a one-year lease with a person you know nothing about. Get familiar with the city as well, your friends can help you with that.

This is the era of the internet, make use of it

If you don’t have people in LA then the internet should be your next step. There are many apps and websites dealing with roommate finding. Generally speaking, all you need to do is to fill out some forms with information, details, and demands about the room or roommate. The website or an app will do the filtering and display you a list of potential candidates you can get in touch. Although you can get in touch over the phone or online, the best and the smartest thing would be to meet them in person. That way you can get a better feel if the person is, let’s say, appropriate.

friends and roommates trusting each other
In the best case, your roommate can be a very good friend.

Don’t hold back on asking questions

Make a list of question that you will ask all candidates, something like:

  1. How do you support yourself?
  2. Do you move often?
  3. What are you doing on a Friday and Saturday nights?
  4. What are your expectations?

It may be hard to find a good roommate at first but following the tips for finding a roommate in LA will most definitely be of great help.

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