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Staying fit after moving to LA

Wherever it is that you moved from, you must be incredibly excited to be living in LA! Who wouldn’t be? There are a lot of things that can go wrong after moving to a new place. It’s understandable. You’ve gone through a lot of days without having the solid routine and lifestyle that you’re used to. However, now that those days of living on Chinese takeout and stale soda are over, it can be hard to find your way back to a normal balance. If anything, you’re in the best place in the whole world to be having this problem. Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle can sound dull, but staying fit after moving to LA is going to be easy and maybe even, dare I say it, fun.

Starting is half the battle

If you’ve ever had to do anything remotely hard or painstaking, you know that this is the golden rule. Nothing can be as bad as you can make it out to be in your head. This means you need to get up and turn your thoughts into action. Start with something simple. Go for a jog, a hike, a bike ride. Any outdoor activity in this beautiful city will do. There’s no wrong way to do it if you’re doing something.

Green traffic light representing that getting started is the first step for staying fit after moving to LA.
Getting started is the first step for staying fit after moving to LA.

Another great way to stay fit after moving to LA is to do it with a friend. This way you’ll be able to cheer each other on and it’ll be much easier for you to actually stick to your schedule. You won’t give in to those last-minute pre-workout thoughts that keep persisting that you skip just this one time.

Signing into some classes is also a good way to keep your word and really see it through. If anything, who’s going to quit something after having paid for it from their own pocket? Not you, that’s right. One of the greatest benefits of moving to a warmer climate is being able to spend quality time outside all year round. When staying fit after moving to LA, there are a bunch of activities you can try out.

A whole sea of opportunities

  1. Hiking
    LA is one of the most marvelous places in the entire world. Apart from just sitting around and looking, there is a bunch of different ways you can enjoy nature and also get the pulse racing. In this case, mixing business and pleasure is just the right thing. There’s a lot of great hiking spots in LA that are a must-see. Make it your goal to visit as much of them as you can, even be it just for a good Instagram pic.
  2. Beach activities
    You have the pleasure of being in the presence of some of the most mesmerizing beaches in the world. Use this opportunity to swim and run alongside the coast. Some of the best LA attractions are located on the beach, so if you’re a bit more adventurous you can take some surfing lessons and work that core out or go freediving. However, there’s also a number of activities you can do to stay fit in LA if you’re not such a big risk-taker. Paddleboarding is a great way to connect to nature and gaze into an open ocean while exercising. Water aerobics and artistic swimming are also great.

    A man surfing and staying fit after moving to LA.
    Beach activities and outdoor sports are great for adrenaline junkies.
  3. Workout classes
    If there’s anything those celebrities know how to do, that’s working out and getting in shape. Staying fit after moving to LA is an easy breezy task. There’s an endless amount of good gyms and private trainers for you to choose from. Aside from different flyers, you’ll be running into on every street corner, you can look a lot of things up online. You can also ask your friends for some advice. You’re sure to find a huge variety of good deals and fitness studios that will change the way you work out.

Staying fit after moving to LA is not just a few weeks work, it’s a lifestyle

Since you moved to LA and plan on staying here for a while, it’s important to figure out your long term work out and staying healthy routine. Meanwhile, life can get pretty hectic out here considering all of the new opportunities you’ll stumble upon. It’s a great thing that you can try new activities every month or even every few weeks. Make a list of all the things you want to try out and just go for it. See what fits and then chose what you want to continue pursuing.


As you may already be aware of, working out is only a fragment of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you want to stay fit after moving to LA, your food habits need to play a big role in that. As a matter of fact, 80 percent of your fitness regimen depends on the kind of fuel your body intakes regularly.

Greens and veggies showing that eating healthy food is best for staying fit after moving to LA.
Eating healthy food is best for staying fit after moving to LA.

It would be best and most economically sustainable if you could prep your own food. Even if you’re not the most gifted cook out there, there’s a lot of ways you can learn to make a few simple meals that you’ll enjoy. However, if you’re a hopeless case, worry not. Since there are a lot of very busy people out there who are trying to keep fit in LA but cannot be bothered with making time to prepare their own food, there is a whole bunch of restaurants and takeout options out there that you can choose from.

Keep it up!

If you’ve gone through all the recommended hacks and have achieved what you were planning on, congratulations. As a result, you’ll have a much easier and better base for all of your other activities. That is to say, you just need to continue pushing forward and being persistent. Now that you’ve conquered staying fit after moving to LA. What’s next?

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