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Renting a self-storage unit in NYC

Packing and unpacking are often unexpectedly the most strenuous parts of a relocation. Oftentimes when relocating, you’ll be moving into a smaller space than what you had before. This is especially true if you’re moving to New York from elsewhere. If you weren’t ruthless with de-cluttering your belongings when you were packing, renting a self-storage unit in NYC will be necessary.

When it comes to NYC storage units: five things you need to know are:

  • What’s the cost of renting a self-storage unit in NYC?
  • What’s the size of your unit?
  • Is it in a convenient location?
  • What amenities does it offer?
  • How do you maximize the use of your storage space?
books in storage
Be realistic with how much space you need when renting a self-storage unit in NYC.

Guidelines to renting a self-storage unit in NYC

Packing carefully

Ideally, you will know which of your belongings are going into the storage unit as you are packing for your relocation. Even better than doing it yourself, professionals can pack your stuff for moving. However, if they aren’t, be careful to use all of the necessary packing supplies which will keep your belongings whole. Storage units are very prone to mold so make sure all of the items are clean and dry before sealing them into their containers or wrapping them up.

Choosing the right storage unit

Much like finding a reliable moving company, this can be tricky. Many moving companies offer their own storage facilities, but even if you hire a moving company like and they don’t, they will probably be able to offer you assistance in finding the right one. Be realistic about how much space you’ll need as this can actually help you save money. Furthermore, even though no one goes to their storage unit too often, you still want it to be easily reachable. Lastly, don’t sign any contracts until you’ve seen the facility and or the company has assured you of its cleanliness.

A packed box
Many movers will offer packing services as well.


Renting a self-storage unit in NYC can seem straightforward enough. However, you should be aware that not all storage space offers the same amenities. Ideally, you will be able to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. As mentioned, moisture is the number one enemy of the items in storage. Your storage unit needs good ventilation, and its doors or possible windows have to be tightly sealed. Depending on what you plan to keep there, you should also be aware of how secure the storage facility you have chosen is. Many self-storage rentals offer special security and insurance for highly valuable items. This is particularly important if you are moving art or other valuable and fragile items.

Maximizing the use of your rental

In order to truly maximize the use of your space when renting a self-storage unit in NYC, it is important to plan ahead for your move. Knowing exactly what you’ll be storing and knowing the types of storage units on offer will allow you to maximize the space and thus save yourself from any unnecessary spending. Be careful when signing your contract and pay special attention to any items pertaining to security, insurance and cleanliness.

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