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How to properly pack for a Nevada move?

Relocation is stressful. Period. So the last thing you need is to break down those few remaining nerves because of bad packing. In order to make your life easier, here are some tips on how to properly pack for a Nevada move. And they say that nothing is certain in life, but if you follow our tips on packaging, moving will certainly annoy you less. Not to mention you’ll be ready to go into a new life like never before. So let’s start!

A good plan on how to pack for a Nevada move is half of the move

Good preparation for packaging means you are already half finished with moving. And if you consider that it will be easier for you to move with fewer things, start throwing things away. We suggest that you do this in the morning, once you finish your breakfast. In this way, you will be well prepared to pack for a Nevada move.

fragile - pack for a Nevada move
Do this the right way to avoid damages to your belongings

It will also be much easier for you to really see everything and detach yourself from all the old things for which, for whatever reason, you are emotionally attached to… That are usually not practical at all! When you throw these away, the process of moving will feel much easier. Besides, you should not start a new period of your life with old things. And believe it or not, you can even ask professional packers to help you prepare your items. So it’s a great thing to know that you don’t really need to do everything on your own. Before the end of the packing preparation, get the boxes and moving bags, which will save your things and make it easier to pack.

Packing is not stressful

As we said, packing during moving does not necessarily have to be stressful… If you are well organized! Even if you are moving cross-state, packing should be practically the same as it is when you move closer. So should you decide to move out of Nevada just keep in mind that you may have to get rid of more things then when moving to a different area. In both cases, this means that at the very beginning of moving you should first pack the things you use the least.

For example, that would be the clothes that you are not wearing during the current season, then linens and most of the towels. After that, you should probably pack books and home decorations. Once this is done, try packing most of the dishes and some smaller devices. Of course, mark the boxes according to rooms and write in detail what is in it. Maybe it sounds like too much work, but trust us that after the move you will be grateful to yourself. In this way, you will not look for things and unpacking will be so much easier.

Use the boxes of the appropriate size

Pack heavy objects like books in smaller boxes, and lighter things easier like bedding and pillows store in the larger ones. Very often workers from a moving company who load things in trucks have to deal with heavy, large boxes. Not only does it make it harder for them to work, but there is also the danger that the box will break more easily. Also, put things that weigh more on the bottom, and lighter on the top. If you put things in the truck yourself, then put the heavier boxes first and closer to the door for balance.

Prepare packing supplies when you have to pack for a Nevada move

Do not leave the boxes half-empty

If you have a little space left in the boxes, put clothes, towels, or paper for packing. Remember, it’s hard to carry boxes that are poorly packaged or unbalanced. Again, avoid mixing things from two rooms in one box. In this way, you will pack things a lot faster, but also unpack them easier in your new home. Each box should have a sticker indicating the room, as well as a list of things inside.

Keep a record of things in a small notebook or your phone. In that way, you’ll know what you’ve packed and it will be easier to unpack. The bottom and top of the box should be sealed with a duck tape several times so that they do not open during transport. Likewise, roll the tape over the edges of the box several times. It’s also a place with the greatest risk of cracking.

Packing dishware

Wrap all dishes separately in one packing paper, and then five to six pieces in one bundle. Always place it aside in the packing boxes, and use plenty of old newspaper between bundles of dishes. You can put mugs in bowls, just make sure that there is paper between it. Then wrap the paper with three or four pieces of dishes into one bundle. Now you can put them in boxes.

Packing artwork

Artistic paintings painted with oil colors should never be wrapped with plain paper as it will stick to it. Use the self-adhesive tape: make the X sign on the glass of the framed painting to reduce the risk of breaking. Then wrap paintings in paper or nylon with bubble wrap and place them in a box. Place a piece of cardboard between each painting to protect them from moving damage. In any case, ask your moving company about moving insurance. You can never be too safe when it comes to the things you care about.

You will be happy to have packed properly when you get to your new home in Nevada

Transport is everything

Once you properly pack for a Nevada move, you should think about the relocation itself. And transportation during moving is especially important if you are moving furniture. We just have to stress out that moving companies are very favorable nowadays. If you take into account that moving with the car will take too long, and just how much gas you will use, then it will be clearer why it would be wise to decide on moving company. Besides, movers always have more experience in moving fragile things. And just think about all the lifting!

In the end, we hope you now know how to properly pack for a Nevada move. Remember, a good plan is half of the move. And even if you don’t plan that much in advance, you can always hire a moving company to help you – even with packing! Good luck!

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