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Organizing a long distance relocation to New Jersey

Relocations are hard, especially long-distance. But if you organize it well, it will be less stressful. Long distance relocation to New Jersey from LA or any other city in the southern part of the USA is a big change. From the weather to lifestyle.

If it is your first move, you definitely need a guide for moving to New Jersey to be prepared and organized. The key is to calm down and everything will be in control. So, don’t waste your time and start your new life in NJ.

Tips for long distance relocation to New Jersey

How to be organized and how to finish everything on time, without delays? How not to lose your mind and to stay calm? What to pack and what to toss? There are many different questions before moving to solve. NJ is a state that has a lot to offer to residents, but before that, you need to organize your long distance relocation to New Jersey.

Jersey City.
NJ has many beautiful city, wherever you move, organization is a must

Plan ahead

The key to every long-distance relocation is to start early with preparations and organization. Not a few weeks before, but a few months before, even 6 months before. You will change everything, house, job, weather, environment, friends, etc. It is not easy to take that step. But when you have enough time to pack, to prepare all documents, bank accounts, kids’ documents, finding a new place to live…relocation will be less stressful.

Create a moving checklist and you won’t forget anything. Also, a checklist will help you stay organized. You can create your own or download a checklist for a long-distance relocation and follow it.

Hire a moving company

Long-distance moves are hard without professional help. Start searching for a moving company that can relocate all your items to NJ. Hasbrouck Heights can offer you some great movers that are reliable and affordable. Costs are also one of the factors to consider when moving. Long-distance moves are not cheap. Chose a couple of moving companies and pick the best one.

Get in-home estimate

To have the accurate price of your long distance relocation to New Jersey, you should get an in-home moving estimate. Ask for a few estimates and compare the bids. They should be similar if the companies are all reliable. Moving costs mostly depends on the distance between your location to NJ and the size and weight of your belongings.

A lot of moving boxes.
To know how much your relocation will cost, get an in-home moving estimate from professionals

Pre-packing tips

When moving from a big city to New Jersey, some of the things won’t be packed. Packing is one of the most important steps which will take you a lot of time. Organize your boxes and prepare packing material.

  • Insure belongings properly because transportation won’t be quick. Items will be in a moving vehicle all day long (maybe even more). About 20% of relocations end up with damaged items, you want to be in other 80% of successful relocations.
  • Clean outdoor furniture and pay attention to insects. Moving cross country has a regulation you (and a moving company) must follow in order to have undamaged items.
  • Create an inventory list and you will know exactly what you need to move. To handle a long-distance relocation with ease and to be organized, an inventory list is essential. If something is missing, you will know exactly what.
  • Downsize and save some money. You won’t need all your belonging, so decide what to pack, toss, and what to donate or sell.
  • Collect enough moving boxes and wrapping material.

Packing tips

It is time to pack and if you are not going to hire professional packers, you need to do everything by yourself. And of course, to keep the items organized.

  • Secure the boxes and prepare them for a long-distance move to NJ.
  • To have organized boxes and to unpack quickly, label them all (on top and on at least one side of the box).
  • Keep mattress in a box.
  • Pack essential box a couple of days before the final moving day.
  • Don’t pack perishable food, liquids, hazardous items, and plants.
Packing a box for a long distance relocation to New Jersey.
When packing fragile items, label boxes immediately

Things to know when moving to NJ

Explore NJ before you move there. Not only the city but also the real estates. It is not enough just to transport your belongings from your estate, but also, you need to make sure will furniture will fit in, or if needed to rent a storage unit until you find an appropriate home.

Besides looking for a new home in NJ, you should explore other things. It will help you be more organized. When you know what to expect after moving, you will also be calm and focused on relocation.

  • The unemployment rate is 4.6% (it is a little bit higher than the US average) and living in NJ as a newcomer may be hard when it comes to a job. But, there are some industries that have big growth. Such as the health industry, nursing, physical therapy, etc.
  • Long distance relocation to New Jersey is stressful because you need to organize housing. The median home value is $320,000 but most people rent home here. Median rent is about $2,000 per month, which is higher than the national average.
  • Each city in NJ is different and unique. Residents have the attitude and they are fierce. But, don’t worry, after a while, you will adjust just fine.
  • If you are coming from the southern part of the USA, the weather will be one of your biggest problems. NJ has all 4 seasons, hot summers and cold winter which is very different from the LA, for example.

Organizing a long distance relocation to New Jersey is stressful, exhausting but also fun and exciting. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it – friends or professional movers, it is much easier to stay organized with the right help. Start preparing on time, don’t wait the last moment. Good luck with relocation to NJ!


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