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How to organize an interstate move

Are you planning to move soon? Moving from state to state can be very stressful and exhausting, especially if you are moving for the first time. To organize an interstate move, you will need a little help. Any advice is welcome. Luckily we have some tips and tricks to make your relocation easier.

Tips to organize an interstate move

To stay organized, you should have a checklist to follow. Moving out of state is stressful, and people often forget to do some things before moving, and after too. Write down all the tasks to do before the moving day. It is one of the best ways to prepare for moving.

The USA flag and a map.
Moving cross country requires a lot of work and preparations

Packing tips for an interstate move

First, separate all the items you want to move. The rest of them you can sell, donate of simple throw away. Moving costs depend on the size and weight of your move, so it is better not to move the entire home with you. This process can be emotional and long, so start on time and don’t wait until the last moment.

Collect enough moving boxes if you are packing by yourself (without professional packers) and ask friends to help. Lifting and moving large pieces of furniture is not a job for one person.

Don’t do everything by yourself

It is important to prioritize all the things you have to do before a move and to divide responsibilities if you are moving with a family. The moving process is complicated, especially when you are moving to another state. Each family member should have its own responsibilities to take care of. Even kids can help with packing their toys (if they are old enough). To stay focused and organized you shouldn’t do everything alone.

Hire a company for a move out of state

Moving long-distance (more than 900-1000 miles) is a job for professionals. There are many different options when relocating to another state. For example, you can hire a full-service moving company to pack and move your items, also you can rent a temporary storage unit, etc.

Moving boxes packed to organize an interstate move
Pack your boxes and label them to organize an interstate move easily

It is important to check the company before hiring them and to make sure they are reliable. Book a company in advance especially if you are moving during the season. Get recommendations, read online moving reviews, and with the right help, your interstate move will be organized. 

Make a budget

To save money when moving interstate, you should first create a moving budget and know how much you can spend. Costs will mostly depend on the distance of your old and new home and, the size and weight of your move. Other additional costs are travel fees, insurance, storage, etc.

Organize an interstate move with ease by planing everything in advance and asking for help. Moving from state to state is exciting, and adjusting to a new life in a new state is a unique experience. Good luck with the relocation and try to stay calm.


November 24, 2019

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