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Moving to Los Angeles-for and against

Speaking of moving to Los Angeles, it is good to be aware of many facts. Concerning it, you will make a decision and will not feel sorry later. Not only the city is famous for Hollywood, it offers many advantages for different people. So, it is up to you to find the most appropriate for you. Apart from Americans, it has a great Hispanic population, Asian and other ethnic groups. More importantly, it is a part of Californian paradise. In order to help you, we will try to submit all good and less good points of this city.

Entertainment is the main feature of Los Angeles

The most famous spot concerning entertainment in Los Angeles is Universal Studios Hollywood where you can feel the atmosphere of shooting a movie, see the special effects and other things essential for the movie creation process. Also, you can enjoy delicious dishes in restaurants: The Hard Rock Cafe, Bubba Gump Shrimp company, Buca de Beppo, Wolfgang Puck Cafe. The most famous place for concerts and festivals is Rose Bowl. Besides, there is an aquatic center and large Flea Market with 3000 vendors. Furthermore, if you are interested in sports, you can visit a multi-purpose sports arena in Downtown Los Angeles.

Places for entertainment to visit

  • With no doubt, a place worth visiting is the Chinese Theatre where movie premieres take place. The most interesting thing about it is that you have the opportunity to see movie stars on the red carpet.
  • Dodger Stadium is a place where you can enjoy a baseball game during summer.
  • Do not miss to visit Cinerama Dome, where you can enjoy a movie while drinking coffee or any other drink, which type is inspired by a movie.

Places not to miss in Los Angeles

  • Vista theater is the place worth of visiting if you have a date in mind. Since it is a vintage movie theatre, it is a very pleasant place for a romantic date.
  • Pan Pacific Park Recreation Center – we can say it has everything- a playground, swimming pool, picnic and barbeque spaces, outdoor workout equipment etc.
  • Aquarium of the Pacific-if you want to know everything about Californian coastal life, this is the right place to visit.
a dolphin wishes you welcome
Meet a dolphin from Pacific

Transport in Los Angeles

First of all, we have to tell you that there are many misbelieves regarding LA. For example, public transport is not a good choice in Los Angeles. It is not organized to function without disturbances, traffic jams are on everyday basis etc. Moving to Los Angeles impose driving on your own or find somebody to give you a lift through this city. Above all, it will save your time and your nerves.  Of course, if you are in a position, use the rail- it has few lines such as Blue Line, Gold Line, Green Line and Purple Line light. Also, you can use Metro Red Line subway services.

After moving to Los Angeles meet and visit its neighborhoods

The length of beaches is over 60 miles. It promises to spend a high-quality time and offers a diversity of beach activities. Moving to Los Angeles means you’ll have a chance to visit all those beautiful places in many LA neighborhoods. For instance, Santa Monica is famous of Santa Monica Pier and Pacific Park.

a little bay only for you
Crystal-clear water and sandy beach

Widely known for its beautiful rural landscape. Naturally, it will attract people who appreciate untouched nature.

Famous places to visit in Los Angeles

  • Venice beach is a place where you can meet street musicians, fortune-tellers and skate-boarders.
  • Beverly Hills and West Hollywood-You can look into that “moving factory”. Also, you can take photos with celebrities. Actually, with their wax figures at Madame Tussauds.
  • Talking about Beverly Hills, The Sunset Boulevard is worth seeing. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Museum of Tolerance.
  • San Fernando Valley which guarantees lots of fun while shopping.
  • Glendale and Pasadena offer many things, Zoo and Botanic Gardens are perfect places to see and learn about animals-1100 animal species. Botanical gardens are amazing with plant species that you have never seen.

Education possibilities of Los Angeles 

Speaking about schools in Los Angeles-there are several types:

  • public schools
  • charter schools
  • magnet schools-for gifted children
  • private schools

The best choice for your children is to attend a private school. Advantages are numerous. More importantly is that the teachers have a possibility to create an educational program and choose the teaching style. On the other hand,  the public school system is free. Also, children have the possibility to attend the nearest school to their home.

Pupil learning the alphabet
A happy first-grade pupil








Colleges in Los Angeles

In addition to good schools, moving to Los Angeles means the possibility to choose from many colleges. So, we submit you a list of the most famous:

  • Touro College
  • American Academy of Dramatic Arts
  • Musicians Institute
  • West Coast Ultrasound Institute
  • Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon Chabad West Coast Talmudical Seminary
  • Bryan University
  • Everest College-West Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles City College
  • Pacific State University

The living costs in Los Angeles are not so high

Widely spread belief concerning Los Angeles is that prices are unreasonably high. However, we cannot apply this to every cost. For instance, monthly utility costs are lower than in other countries due to the weather. Considering places where you can enjoy for free, we give you few suggestions: Griffith Observatory in Griffith Park, Holywood sign, LA beaches, Venice Beach Broadwalk etc.

Safe neighborhoods in Los Angeles to raise children

It is of high importance to know which neighborhoods in Los Angeles are safe to raise your children. Therefore, characteristics of a safe neighborhood that must be taken into account are that the crime rate is low, the distance between home and office, and a good school nearby. Above all, the first place in the list is reserved for Boyle Heights. Related to schools, there are many public and private schools. The most important quality is the safety of children. Also, they are well educated after leaving primary school.Additionally, in this part prices are at average level, even lower. So, there are few reasons to opt for this neighborhood. Other safe neighborhoods are Miracle Mile and Sherman Oaks, Mar Vista, Winnetka, Palms, Playa del Ray etc.

As much as possible collect information, through thinking, discussion with family members and friends, and it will be easier to make the final decision. Moving to Los Angeles can bring many changes into your life. So, if the option” for” is prevailing, step bravely into a new stage of your life.

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