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Moving to Los Angeles? Here are the things you need to know!

Moving to “The City of Angels” – first steps

The City of Los Angeles is, after New York City, the second most populated city in the United States and the most populated county, with a population of more than ten million people. It is one of the most ethnically diverse counties in the US and it does not have majority population, so it is considered as the cultural center of the Pacific Rim. LA is spread on the extensively divergent geographic area. The city is surrounded by the San Gabriel Mountain range and divided by Santa Monica Mountains, with a fundamentally desert base. Situated in Southern California, LA is known for its diverse natural backdrop: from beaches for swimming, surfing and sunbathing, to mountains for skiing, hiking and city-gazing. The city is divided into more than 80 neighborhoods and districts and many of them were incorporated communities that consolidated into the city. These districts were partially maturing and because of that are well-defined enough that the city has marks and typical characteristics of all of them. The City of Los Angeles is divided into following zones: Downtown Los Angeles, East Los Angeles and Northeast Los Angeles, South Los Angeles, Greater Hollywood, the Harbor Area, the Westside, Wilshire, the San Fernando and Crescenta Valleys.

Moving to Los Angeles


LA statistics:

  • Population– nearly 10 million (LA County) and 4 million (The City of LA)
  • Country State– United States California
  • County– Los Angeles
  • Languages– English, with Spanish a close second, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Tagalog, Thai, and around 135 other languages.
  • Daily budget– $200 (including mid-range meals in hotels and restaurants)
  • Visitors per year– approximately 45.5 million, most from within the US
  • Coastline length– 75 miles
  • Total economic impact– $30.2 billion
LA is a place to be


Brief History

On September 4, 1781 (the city’s official birthdate) forty four village settlers from the Mexican provinces of Sinaloa and Sonora built their houses in area that is today known as a Downtown Los Angeles. Two of the forty four settlers were Spaniards, while the others were Indians, Blacks and Mestizos of mixed heritage. The Spanish people named the new village – El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Angeles, or The Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels. When the town became part of a Mexican territory, it was officially declared a city in 1835, and during this period Governor Pío Pico made LA Alta California’s regional capital. Los Angeles became a part of United States in January 1847. The city has grown rapidly after the discovery of oil.

What has LA got to offer to new movers?

The decision to move to a city like Los Angeles is a big one and not easy to make. You will definitely ask yourself plenty of questions and do a lot of research hoping that you will be brave and smart enough to finally make up your mind about your relocation. We are here to support you in your mission of moving to LA.

LA is home to Southern California’s greatest beaches, extending from Malibu to Long Beach. In the LA coastal area you can find some of the best spots for surfing, urban shops and breathtaking oceanfront dining. This seaside city is unique and one of a kind, offering you peculiar landmarks like Venice’s iconic Muscle Beach, Santa Monica’s famous pier, and Malibu’s amazing shorelines. Also, there is San Pedro further south, which is home to the Battleship USS Iowa, and the hip and chic beach towns that make-up Redondo, Hermosa and South-Bay Manhattan.

LA is the entertainment capital of the world and a paradise of good weather. If you are planning to move to LA, you should know that this beautiful metropolis is definitely a place to be and it will not disappoint you. It has to offer you plenty of career opportunities in the expanding tech industry. LA is on the leading edge of numerous growth industries. The LA five-county district has more than 700,000 people at work in health services and 190,000 people in aerospace/technology. Leading industries in LA are leisure and hospitality, employing 488,100 in 2015. This sector added 21,500 jobs in Los Angeles County, that way representing a 4.6% year-over-year increase in employment. LA’s diverse and tremendous economy is home to the largest port complex in the Western Hemisphere and the largest number of manufacturing jobs of any county in the US. Its signature industries are: entertainment, tourism and fashion, but also health care, business services and education. LA has developed into one of the prime centers of economic and cultural activity in the world.

If you are relocating to LA that is great and probably one of the best decisions in your life, but moving to LA and knowing what to do when you are there is even better. You must be well informed and prepared, so here are some more things you should know if you are moving to Los Angeles:

  1. Learn the city layout- get on Google maps and try to learn the arrangement of the LA. It is good to know all the major roads in LA including Santa Monica, Olympic, Sepulveda, Pico and Wilshire Boulevard. These roads are dividing LA and will help you maneuver around major traffic jams.
  2. Avoid driving between 4pm-7pm- traffic is a complete chaos between these times almost every day in a week.
  3. Parking Tickets- mind the signs when you park on the street and make sure you are able to park during each day or time. Parking citations start around $60, so you have to be careful and read the signs
  4. DMV- you must have a new driver’s license for Los Angeles, California.
  5. Ask for advice- go out and explore the city, and while doing it, don’t be afraid to aks for advice. There are people everywhere and you will definitely meet some interesting people that will help you in getting to know the town.
  6. Get a job- maybe even two jobs, if you have to. LA is a constant hustle and not a cheap town, so you need to have stability.
  7. Chose a safe area for your new home- before moving to LA, you should research the areas and neighborhoods as much as possible. We will help you with that task on this exact platform.
January 27, 2017

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