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Moving to Los Angeles after divorce

Divorces can be one of the most stressful times in our lives. The pain of moving on mixed with still uncertain feelings can be overwhelming for some of us. Self-esteem can be on a lowest point ever, and people with low self-esteem feel crippled, not being able to do anything. But can moving to Los Angeles after divorce help? It can. Los Angeles is a place of many opportunities, of constant regeneration and it’s filled with interesting people. So, raise your head, and explore new opportunities that await you in LA.

Remember that you’re not alone

A big part of all marriages in the US don’t last a lifetime. It may seem that you are the only person on this planet with that great burden, but remember that you’re not alone. Many people have divorced and many marriages will end in a divorce. You are not alone. That is life. What would happiness be if we don’t know the opposite of it? It may seem that others are happier, but you don’t know what happens behind the closed doors. Know that life is full of pitfalls, but from them, the new will arises. Every day humankind suffers, but it still perseveres. And yes, Los Angeles is full of singles who have left the marriage, even more so than the rest of the US. They live their lives, they hang out, they find new partners every day, so why couldn’t you?

group of people
People had the same experiences as you, and they will continue to have them

Find new people

One of the greatest joys in life is meeting new people. Los Angeles is a place filled with interesting people, and you should search for them. Or you shouldn’t. Right people tend to find each other. And this is not some ‘spiritual’ hocus-pocus. People who are similar in character find each other easily. The look, the way they talk, the way they stand, is easily recognizable in a mass of others. Go outside and meet new people. You shouldn’t just stay at your new LA home and wallow over the spilled beans. Invite others to your new place and have a glass of wine. Wine can make things interesting. Who knows, maybe you’ll find special someone through it. In vino veritas. But don’t just rush into new relationships. Be alone for a while. You’ll have some time to clear your thoughts, and out of that new, you will be born.

Be smart about your moving to Los Angeles after divorce

We have to be pragmatic for a while and focus on your LA move. Here we are going to stop for a while and take a break by talking about the material problems (ironic, isn’t it?). So, what are the tasks you need to fulfill before you move? How to prepare for your moving to Los Angeles after divorce? Let’s explore.

walt disney center
Go to Disneyland and experience your childhood again

Make a budget

One of the key steps people forget to do before they move is to make a budget. Costs can skyrocket if you don’t know what you’re doing. So, make a list of what you currently have, and what will you spend while you’re moving.

Organize your stuff

Look at your stuff. Do you really need everything? Even that corny lava lamp that is good only for the dust to fall on? So first, separate things you need from the things you don’t need. You can even make a pile of things you’re not certain about. Put them in the boxes and label the boxes. Organize them in your own way. Be creative. The most pragmatic way is to organize them by type, but you don’t have to do that. You can organize them, for example, by the room, or by the color. Just make sure you don’t mix hazardous stuff whit other stuff. You can hurt yourself. Other than that, it is totally up to you how you are going to organize your things. A company like Verrazano Moving and Storage Staten Island can help you with that.

Sell, donate, throw away

Separate the pile of your stuff you don’t need into three distinct groups. The first one is for the things you can sale. Organize a backyard sale, or sell your useless stuff online. There are always buyers. You can even make some extra cash for your move. In the second pile put stuff you wish to donate. Things like clothes and toys are always needed in donation centers. Throw away the third pile. Don’t get attached to things you don’t really need. They will only clutter your new LA home and make it unbearable to live in, especially if it is an apartment. Seriously, throw them away.

Don’t move on your own

It is a great misconception that moving on your own can save you money. No, it won’t. Especially if you’re moving to Los Angeles after divorce. Moving on your own brings many dangers with it. You can break something, and that can cost you more than hiring a moving company. In some moving companies, movers can take care of the packing and wrapping, so they can help you in your moving endeavor. You can even hurt yourself, and you know how high can medical bills go. So, make a smart choice and hire a good moving company.

Apartments are great

If you lived in a house, moving to an apartment can seem like downsizing. Everything comes with its costs. But there are benefits of moving to an apartment. First of all, an apartment is easier. You don’t need to clean and maintain a huge body of – bricks(?). Maintenance is easier in the apartment. Also, heating is not your concern. And the water supply. and the backyard…

Love your life

Everything happens for a reason. Moving to Los Angeles after divorce can be liberating experience if you allow it. Overthinking things does nothing useful. On the contrary, it’s harmful. It takes your precious time away from you, the time you can spend on many other things in life. Like visiting LA attractions. Remember that the highest tree has the deepest roots. Amor fati fonderful person, amor fati.

girl happy woods
Love your life

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