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Moving during holidays

Moving is always a stress and especially if you have to move at the busiest time of the year – the holiday season. The thing is when you are moving during holidays you don’t really have time have to take care of the Christmas gifts. Or to decorate the tree. Or to play Christmas carols… But hey, don’t let the moving ruin the whole festive spirit! No matter if you hire a moving company or move things on your own, there are times of the month when prices are lower and there are better days for moving. So here are some of the ways you can ease the pressure and make the whole process of holiday moving more efficiently. And you may still catch some of the holiday spirits despite the moving chaos!

Choose carefully the big Moving date

The good news is that the best time for moving is from the beginning of November till the end of December. At this time of the year, the moving companies are most available as kids are in schools. If you don’t know already, moving season is high in the summer (that’s when the high rates start too). Also, it’s good to avoid moving at the beginning or end of the month because most people move exactly at that time. As for the days, most people plan to move on the weekend. That’s why the best moving days are Monday to Thursday.

Still, there are some dates that can be more chaotic than others. The super Saturday – or the Saturday before Christmas – is one of them. So the bad timing would be weekend before the Christmas… Especially if you plan to move on your own. The second bad date is Black Friday as traffic can be really bad. Even Cyber Monday can be awful, so be careful with that weekend altogether. The third date is Thanksgiving. Many people are traveling to see their families so you may end up being a cough in a traffic rush one way or another. Also, take into account on which day of the week these dates fall, so you will have a clearer image what is the good day to move. As we already said, mornings are good and weekends should be avoided.

Pinecone wreath on door for Christmas for moving during holidays
Try to still keep it festive even if you’re moving during holidays


Moving during holidays – pros and cons

There are truly many pros for moving during the summer. The kids are on holiday break and they can help with packing. Besides, with all the rush around moving you don’t have to worry who will drop them to school or have they finished their homework on time. Moving during the summer also gives children a chance to get to know their new home and neighborhood better.

However, moving during holidays (that is in the middle of the school year) can be the best time to move. At the beginning of the school year, things can be pretty hectic. That’s why if you enroll your kids in school at this time, teachers will have more time to pay attention to them. Also, your children will meet more friends now than during the summer holiday when everybody is on vacation. Besides, if you are moving during the holidays, it can save you time. You don’t have to stay late after a long day at work and worry about packing.


Merry Christmas card on plate
Plan to give Christmas cards in advance

Think about traffic during the holidays

When you plan to move during a holiday, do take care about traffic and road conditions. At holiday season, traffic is usually much more intense then on regular days… And we all know that traffic can cause a lot of stress! If your move requires flying, experts recommend to book tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Also, 17 days before and after Christmas can be quite busy, so keep this in mind. As we already mentioned, the best time would be at the beginning of December or after the New Years.

Inform about the weather

Depending on where you move from, you may have to deal with ice roads and bad weather. Cardboard boxes are good, but sometimes you have to be extra careful. Putting things in plastic bags and waterproof containers can help your things stay intact. Also, be careful when stepping out as stairs or floors may be slippery. Another tip is not to forget turning on the heat before you get in your new home. This way you will feel nice and warm as soon as you step into your new place. Hiring a good moving company with a strong reputation can help you in this. Watch out for scams and pay attention to reviews (and not only the prices). The earlier you contact the moving company, the less stress it will be when moving during holidays. As the budget may be an issue during this time, it would be smart to think in advance.

Champagne glasses for celebration
You can throw a moving-in-holiday party


Wrap the gifts in advance

Before you even begin moving, decide where you will pack your gifts and clearly label them. Box wrapping paper and decorative light should be in separate boxes as well. It’s also a good idea to label the things that you will need before and after the holidays. In this way, you can focus on what is important. It can be a great idea to set up the Christmas tree in advance. The good news is you don’t have to worry about moving the Christmas tree as you may ask the moving company workers to help you out in putting it to the right place. Of course, assure your children that Santa will find them wherever they go.

The other great thing about relocating during holidays is that it can be a good reason to throw a moving-in-holiday party. It’s one day that place is going to be a mess after all, so it can be a perfect time to gather all your friends and family. In the end, we hope we showed you that moving during holidays isn’t that bad after all. And if you’re still not sure how to feel great about it, just play some festive music along the way. It will surely light up you spirit.


December 10, 2018

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