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Moving day meals – dos and don’ts

Moving is a stressful and complicated process, we all know it. So, in that chaos and disorder, you can easily forget about yourself. You’re occupied with planning and organization, so you forget about preparing nutritious and proper moving day meals. Instead, you would rather order some fast food because it’s the most convenient thing to eat. But, that’s one of the worst choices. Moving harms your body, so choosing the proper moving day meals means you’ll be keeping yourself healthy.

Make a food management plan

Start preparing for the move as soon as you make that decision. If you’re not moving on short notice, you need a month or two to organize everything. That’s the time you need to prepare and make your food management plan. Start thinking about the food you already have in your home. Especially frozen foods and ones with a close expiring date. Of course, if you don’t want to waste anything. Because moving is not cheap, so there is no reason to increase moving expenses by wasting food. 

Pencil and notes
Make a food management plan before the move.

Moving Day Meals – Dos

If you have experience with moving, then you probably already know that hydration and proper meals are crucial for a successful move. Because eating unhealthy food will make you feel tired, exhausted or even sick. The moving day means a lot of physical work, and you can achieve that by consuming proper food and drinks. Moving your entire family to Florida will be easier if you eat proper moving day meals, and hydrate yourself. Here’s what you should eat and drink on a moving day:

  • Water and healthy drinks – Carrying, packing, and moving will make you sweat, so you lose electrolytes. To renew them you have to drink water and sports drinks.
  • Carbs and proteins – Eat food that provides a lot of protein and carbs because your body will turn that into energy. 
  • Healthy snacks – If you don’t have time to sit and eat proper moving day meals, you can keep your mood stable and energy levels up with healthy snacks. Try cheese, nuts, granola bars, fruit and protein bars.
Food - Healthy moving day meals
Eat food that contains carbs and proteins, that’s one of the best moving day meals.

Moving day meals – Don’ts

Here’s a reminder of foods you should avoid eating on a moving day.

  • Energy drinks and booze – People think that energy drink help in the moving process but, that’s not true. Because the energy that you receive from these drinks will come to “pay” later on. Plus, you may face some health concerns. But, if you want to take energy drinks, make sure you spread them out evenly. The less you drink, the better. 
  • Deep-fried foods – This food is greasy and full of calories. So, you’ll need extra energy to digest and process that fat and calories. 
  • Tons of candy – You can even eat whole chocolate, but don’t overload on sugar. Tons of candy will make your sugar levels reach the proverbial roof. You’ll be getting a short term rush, but it will be harmful to the moving process.

When it comes to moving day meals, remember that everything is in balance. Nothing in excess.

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