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Moving from California to Texas – what’s to know?

It’s time to say goodbye to sunny California. You gave yourself a lot of time to consider why and where you should go. And your mind is set on Texas, but first what are the benefits of moving from California to Texas? Here is what we have to say on the subject.

Why so many Californians are moving to Texas?

Texas is a US state known for a variety of natural markings. There are rivers, desert land, a lot of forests, and rugged hills. There is also a variety of micro-climates and everyone can find a place that suits them.

Still, Texas has much more to offer. Here is a list of a few common things that people who are moving from California to Texas consider as a plus:

  1. There is room for everybody – When considering the landmass or population, both California and Texas are quite big, but Texas has a smaller number of people on its vast territory.
  2. Having your own place is more affordable – Because Texas has this big landmass and a lot of space for living, housing costs are significantly lower. This difference can be seen for both owners of a property and for people that are renting property. This alone can improve a person’s quality of life.
  3. With fewer taxes, you keep more for yourself – You don’t have to worry about individual income taxes in Texas. Are you asking why? Because there is none of that in Texas no matter how high or low your income is. There are only five other states where this is also the case. Rates of sales taxes are also lower than in California.
  4. Better ratio for employment – Unemployment rates in Texas are lower than in California. In Texas, the unemployment rate is 3.7% as opposed to 4.3% for California.
  5. Your property is better protected – For properties under 10 acres in an urban area and 100 acres in a rural area, there is unlimited support for homestead exemption in Texas from creditors or if you declare bankruptcy.
A road to hit when moving from California to Texas.
You have a road ahead of you when moving from California to Texas

Moving from California to Texas – but where exactly should one go?

When you are thinking about moving from California to Texas, you should consider which places are the best for living and what they can offer you. You should also think about stress-free moving using a good moving company such as Even if you are not sure if you are definitely moving or where you are moving to, finding a good moving company is on the top of the to-do list.

Here is a list of a few places in Texas and why they might be the right place for you. Also, you should look for tips on reducing stress when moving to help you to prepare better.

El Paso

There are many reasons for giving El Paso a chance considering best places to move to. To begin with, there are over 300 days of sunshine, so if you are a person who loves the warmth of sunshine, this is the place to be. El Paso also has many cultural attractions, and even as a city with a long history, there is something cosmopolitan to it. A lot of people speak both Spanish and English. The biggest drivers for the economy of El Paso are the University of Texas, the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center and Fort Bliss. It is said that this region is one of the largest manufacturing centers in North America.

The city of El Paso at night.
El Paso is waiting for you if you decide to move to Texas.

Corpus Christi

If you are moving from California to Texas, this place could be ideal for you if you are looking for vast beaches or if you are a kiteboarding or windsurfing lover. This is the biggest city on the Texas coast and has a variety of attractions. Among the better known are the Texas State Aquarium and the Art Museum of South Texas.

Cedar Hill

Many good things can be said for Cedar Hill. Regardless of whether you like open green spaces and parks or you are more of a city street person, this town has it all. There are four greenbelts, Joe Pool Lake that covers a large area and there are also 22 parks. For those who prefer being in a big city, well, there’s Dallas just 20 minutes away.

The city of Dallas.
The city of Dallas can be your next home or in your proximity, if you decide to move to Texas.


This is a great place for families with kids,  which can motivate you to prepare for this big move.  Plano is known for its great schools and lots of parks. There are also good job opportunities and Plano is going through a growth in technology.


Rowlett can be proud of two school systems that are highly ranked. They include the Rockwall Independent School District and the Garland Independent School District. Also, there are two colleges in the vicinity, Collin College and Dallas County Community College. If you are more of a nature seeker, Rowlett can offer a shoreline that goes on for up to 30 miles and there is also Lake Ray Hubbard. Or you might be looking for a good household income and Rowlett offers an average income of around $83,000. So, this city can give you a lot – there’s a good medical center, there’s art, lovely food, nature, a good income, and great schools.


Tyler is a city with a lot of cultural happenings. There are symphony orchestras, ballet, art museums, and also the annual Texas Rose Festival is held here. For the younger population, there are several colleges and great recreation programs. The elderly might find it interesting to know that this is the first certified retirement city in Texas. There are good health care options and they are beneficial for all residents.

Conclusion on moving from California to Texas

There are many benefits for moving from California to Texas, but the first to pop out are the lower costs of living, the lower taxes, and the lower housing costs. To be sure that you are making the right decision, you should list all your family wants and needs and see what you can get from Texas. If you are moving with pets too, it is not a problem. All you need to do is prepare properly for the whole process.

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