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Tips on moving by yourself

Moving is really stressful. Moving by yourself is even more stressful. But don’t let this demotivate you. It is hard, but if you do it right it doesn’t have to be. With a few tips and tricks, you can make this experience fun even if you are doing it completely alone. Many people believe that they would find moving less stressful this way. They don’t realize that moving by yourself requires a lot of planning, lists and time and energy most importantly.

Packing by yourself

This step is one of the tough ones. Packing is time-consuming and you need to do it right in order to make unpacking much easier. Start by buying everything you need to pack your belongings:

  • boxes
  • tape
  • markers
  • garbage bags

The next thing is to figure out where to start and how to pack. First, you need to pack the things that are not necessary. Such as decorative items in your home. Paintings, pictures, vases, books etc. Next thing you should pack is the kitchen items such as utensils, pots, plates. Leave just one or two as you will probably need them, you can easily add them to the box later.


Moving by yourself
Label boxes so you know which box is which.

After you do this, I recommend going into your closet. Pack the bed sheets and towels. These are the things you should put into bags as you will need them as soon as you arrive in your new home. If you have suitcases, you should pack your clothes in them. This will make it much easier to move and access at all times. Put some clothes you might need sooner or later in a bag that you will carry with you, just in case.

Important while packing!

While packing, try to get rid of the stuff you don’t need. Decluttering will make your new home feel brand new. It will also make moving much easier. If it’s possible, donate this stuff. And if you could use some money, put it up for sale on some website. You can also give it for sale in your local second-hand shop. One mans trash is another mans’ treasure!

Be sure to label everything so you know which box is which. Try to make lists of what you’ve packed. So if anything gets lost in the moving process you can easily find out what it is.

The Move

Now that you’ve packed your belongings, you are ready for the move. If you haven’t thought about it, I suggest hiring a moving company like This will make moving much easier and faster. They are professionals who know how to do their job and keep your stuff safe. And if you decide not to do so, you will have to move by car. And you can’t possibly fit all your belongings into your trunk. Which means you will have to take multiple trips back and forth which is not so easy.

Moving company.
Hiring a moving company is a good idea.

You need to put the boxes in the car, then drive, then when you get there you need to take out the boxes and bring them inside. Whether you are moving just two blocks away or two hours away, this is not a good way to do it especially if you are moving by yourself, all alone. It will take you much longer, so why not just hire a moving company? While moving you need to be as stress-free as possible, so if anything goes wrong you can act right. Once you get there, it’s time to start the next step.


As I already said, unpacking can be easy if you did the packing right. You don’t need to start unpacking immediately. Get some rest, eat something. Take a break from the situation you are in. Once you decide to unpack, be sure you have everything you need. Rags for dust, a mop, cleaning supplies in general. And of course, don’t start unpacking the stuff you still have nowhere to put. So if your closet arrives in a day or two, just wait for it. If you packed your stuff right this won’t be a big problem.

Unpacking your belongings.
Unpacking can be easy if you’ve packed right.

Unpacking by yourself is not stressful. You decide where to put what and which order you want to unpack. If you have a pet, make sure you unpack him first as his needs are different than yours. Moving can be stressful for your pets and you need to prepare them for the move, and make sure they don’t feel bad in the new home. And if you have children, do the same. Try to get your child involved in the moving process too, it can be fun, I promise!

Settling down

Once you’ve unpacked your stuff, you deserve some rest. Order some take-out food, watch a movie. You need to release the tension you have in order to have a fresh start in your new home. Of course, if you have decluttered you will have a lot of free space for some new things. Go buy some decoration for your new home. Candles are great and inexpensive. Pick some fresh scents. Flowers can have a huge impact on the way a room looks. Putting flowers in a vase on the dining room table will give the room a new spirit. Put up some new pictures too, replace some old ones.

Moving by yourself can drain your spirits

This is a perfect time to spoil yourself a little. Go shopping, get a massage. Invite friends and family over for dinner, I’m sure they would love to come and spend some time with you. As I’ve already said, moving by yourself is stressful but if done right it doesn’t have to be.

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