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How to manage utilities before moving day comes?

Congratulations! If you are reading this, you are planning to move soon. Yet, there are important things to do before moving into your new home. You should prepare your home for relocation, pack everything and label and what about utilities? Do you have a plan on how to manage utilities before the moving day comes? Most likely not, because people usually forget about this topic until they are already in trouble. We wouldn’t like you to have a problem with your internet provider or the heat not working in your new home. So, we prepared the necessary information in order to ease your moving when it comes to utilities. You need to start with a plan!

Prepare a plan to manage utilities

This is something you should start months in advance. Remember, you have to disconnect current utilities and to set up the new ones in your new home. This means a lot of stress, but you should know how to avoid stress when you’re moving. Start with a well-thought plan on time. Think about all the obstacles that may occur on the way and find a way to overcome them. If you have a clear vision of what you expect from your relocation, this shouldn’t be a problem. If you don’t have a clear vision for the move, then this is a necessity. A good preparation will keep you on track. You will know when to pay the deposit for the new utilities or when to disconnect the old ones. Otherwise, you will be in an organizational mess.

Visualize your relocation by creating a Planning sheet.
You will know how to manage utilities with a good plan.

If you’re moving to LA from abroad, things get interesting. Actually, if are moving from one country to another, you already know that the laws and the system work differently. If you are a foreigner, you definitely must cover the utilities part in advance in order to have the lights working on your first day. Not to mention the magazine subscriptions etc.

So, make a sheet file titled UTILITIES and then create columns for gas, electricity, water. There, write down all the doubts that you have related to utilities. And when you have the questions, you will know how to find the answers. Always leave some room for the unexpected things and always finish something a couple of days before the deadline. Now, when do you need to inform the companies about the utilities’ cancellation?

What to do to handle the cancellation of utilities?

For the cancellation of the current utilities, contact the companies in question. Most of them can get things done in 5 days. But don’t forget that is 5 business days, that changes a lot. Yet, some of them demand two-week notice in advance. Since there are a lot of possibilities, call and get some answers. Then, you’ll know what to do and you won’t be in a hurry to manage utilities. Maybe there’s a fee you need to pay if you’re too late.

Call the companies two weeks in advance to manage utilities like gas.
Think about all the utilities you need to settle

If possible, try to finish everything online. You will not have the time to go to around the city and manage everything. Save yourself the trouble. Use a computer and finish most of the things. At least, you can get information on your local city’s website. You also need to know how to declutter before moving to LA and the time for that as well.

How to setup new utilities?

For the new utilities, most cities have local service that will cover water service and garbage pickup. You should know that your internet provider may not be available in the new area. The same goes for many other things that you are used to, mobile provider etc. So, do some research in advance about the service you can get in your new town. What’s the best thing to do and where? See how the locals are doing it. You should contact the new providers at least two weeks in advance to manage utilities.

Explain the situation and get to know the conditions. Ask if there’s anything new that you as a new local should know, any regulation. For the city of LA, most of the utility information can be found online. There you’ll see how to pay the bills and how the recycling is being done.

Additional advice on how to manage utilities

Try to avoid being late with the current bills. Because then you will have to ask your neighbors to look after some things. Maybe to take your post, any documents and etc. This can be disturbing in both ways. They will not always have the time to do it, so try not to depend on anyone. Get the things done. On time. Stick to the deadlines and keep track on your next move. Try to visit the new area and spend a couple of days there.

Feel the atmosphere of the new place and use the time to finish some business related to utilities. Maybe certain providers can offer you a set of service that works for you just fine. It’s not too bad that your providers are no longer available. See this as an opportunity for new things.

Manage utilities in a safe way
Do not risk damaging your house

Try to avoid doing things you do not know that much, like electricity. It is always better for a professional to set the things up. Otherwise, you risk damaging your new place on multiple levels. So, these are some of the things you need to know in order to manage utilities. Set up a plan, call the companies, finish the stuff online. If you already made friends in LA, talk to them and see what advice that can give you on utilities. What were the problems that they had when they moved? Try to have fun overall, and don’t worry that much. And yeah, start thinking about the packing as well.

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