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Maintaining your LA lifestyle while living abroad- Is it possible?

You moved out of LA, but still, want your life back. You don’t have to change your habits after moving. Maintaining your LA lifestyle while living abroad is possible, for sure. Especially if you moved to warm places where you can enjoy the sun as you were before.

Moving out of LA is hard but not impossible. More and more people are moving out of LA because of the high costs of living, strong competition, small houses, etc.

Maintaining your LA lifestyle while living abroad

If you moved abroad (out of California and the USA) it is a big change in your life. So, if you change your lifestyle and habits, it may not be good. So, meet new people, try new things, but still, try to keep your old routines.

Eating healthy

It is a well-known fact that LA people eat healthier than the rest of the USA. This task will not be complicated to maintain after moving abroad because food in the rest of the world is also healthier. Fresh fruits, vegetables, delicious meals, you have it everywhere.

Making a salad.
You can learn how to cook local meals while living abroad and to mix 2 cuisines together

Working out

With healthier food, comes working out and taking care of your body. Just choose a sport you want to practice and that’s it. Dubai offers great boxing lessons, you can swim, jog, learn a new sport to play, go to the gym, etc. Options are endless. Even if you moved to colder places, you can still stay fit.

Maintaining your LA lifestyle while living abroad by working out.
Stay in shape after moving out of Los Angeles – maintaining your LA lifestyle while living abroad

Having fun

Always remember to have fun and to use the opportunity of living abroad to get some new experiences. LA parties, festivals, and events are well-known. You can still have fun and go to other festivals and other events, especially if you are in the country with a long history such as China, Japan, France, Italy, etc.

A concert.
Go to different events while living abroad

Moving from LA to the Middle East

If you moved to another side of the planet – to the Middle East, it will be challenging to keep up with everything. Different cultures, traditions, laws, food, lifestyle, etc. People in Los Angeles want to have a healthy life and to work out. You can do it after moving too, and it is recommended (even if you did not do it before). Do online research and find gyms and personal trainers, for example, on

People often get depressed after moving. Feeling nostalgia can affect our mental and physical health. No matter if you are moving to Kuwait, UAE, Japan, Brazil, Europe, adjusting to a new life after moving is a process.


Maintaining your LA lifestyle while living abroad may be hard depending on the place where you live now, but it is not impossible. Enjoy after moving, relax, try new things, meet new people, have fun and don’t change yourself completely. 

January 9, 2020

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