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Los Angeles vs Washington D.C. – City comparison

Are you prepared for a Los Angeles vs Washington D.C. competition? No matter if you have moved to Washington D.C. recently or plan to move there, this could be a very insightful article for you. On the other hand, the rivalry between these two cities requires a serious discussion. While one group of people is more for the urban and modern sunny LA, the other group is more oriented towards the political and historical center of the US. For our research, we used a few qualifications and grouped them into several parts:

  • We cannot investigate any of the cities in the US if we do not start from the sports activities. It is important if the named city has an opportunity for professional sports enthusiasts or for recreational sports (or both);
  • We wanted to know how education ranks in these cities – if you have opportunities for high-quality education;
  • Salary-cap and annual income are surely one of the important characteristics of every city we researched. We also wanted to know the cost of living in both cities for the same reasons;
  • It is certain that job opportunities affect the results in our Los Angeles vs Washington D.C. competition;
  • A population that lives as well as population density are two very important facts that tell a lot about a city in general;
  • People also want to know if entertainment in each of these cities is attractive and dominant;
  • A lifestyle that both cities offer is precious for a choice between these two cities.
Washington supreme court
Washington city is the political center of the US

Suggesting which of those cities are better has not been easy for us. However, do not forget that every one of us has interests, opportunities and life chances that follow us when changing the positions and place of living. So, do not drop our list of reasons for a verdict that we made at the end of this article. If you are still considering something different, check out our Los Angeles vs Miami comparison for more information.

Los Angeles vs Washington D.C. as places for living

Both cities are famous and well-known across the world. On the other hand, they have known for two different types of factors: cost of living and cost of transportation. Although both are large and well organized, there are important differences between them. When your researching is finished, find residential movers in your area and simply move to the city you have chosen.


Every possible person who was able to live in Washington claims that it is a great city for educational opportunities. Some of the best universities in the US are in Washington D.C. On the other hand, those who have lived there claim that this city has special scholarship methods as well as student’s loans. Do not forget that this is one of the historical centers in the US where our great nation was created. This is why there are some of the most popular museums here, as well.

Job opportunity

People who live in Washington surely know how great job opportunities they can find. This is actually one of the things that Washington residentials named as the best in this city. In Los Angeles vs Washington D.C. competition, Washington has for 2.6% lower unemployment rate. Along with that, it has a higher average salary for $220. It is not strange that more and more people come to live here, so this city has 2% faster population growth.

In case that you have your own business, the situation is even simpler. You simply need to look at which of the two cities pay out more to do business in. If you are interested in quickly relocating your commercial facilities, there are many professional companies that can aid you in this. Most of the people that participated in the survey said that Washington DC is better for a career. On the other hand, for some people, Los Angeles could be more appealing just because of those reasons. It has a 17.7% lower population density. Some people find it more comfortable for living.

Entertainment in both cities

For some people, a job is not that important when choosing in Los Angeles vs Washington D.C. They are more interested in the entertainment opportunities that these cities offer. When it comes to leisure, the competition between those cities is even more interesting.

Sport activities

It would be hard to choose in Los Angeles vs Washington D.C. rivaling if we look just in sports activities. Los Angeles hosts Olympic games, so every stadium and hall is more attractive. It is a center of the FIFA World Cup, too. On the other hand, Washington has much more big sports facilities and a bike sharing system. Other word saying, it is better for recreational activities.

morning in Washington that could help in the Los Angeles vs Washington D.C. competition
There are many places for sports activities in Washington D.C.

Culture and fun

This time, even we cannot outweigh any of these two cities. The reason is the overwhelming number of things that both cities offer. However, Washington surely leads to cultural activities. It simply has a higher number of theatres, museums, and lectures. Los Angeles could take the lead in other forms entertainment. The most widely known are movie-making, musical legal gambling. Interesting and funny enough for some people.


Finally, we came to the most interesting question in Los Angeles vs Washington D.C. competition. Which one is better for leisure and has a better lifestyle? If you may ask, Los Angeles convincingly wins in this rivaling.


You know for a famous lake nearby Los Angeles. Even their basketball team got a name for him. Besides that, we cannot skip a very attractive beach and great climate. For some people, it comes along with the humidity, which is repulsive. Do not forget urbanity in Los Angeles that leads to lower price for public transportation. However, many people find public transportation in Washington much better organized. When it comes to moving to Los Angeles, Carmack Moving & Storage is the company to call. They will surely be able to help in any circumstances.

Everyday life

It is interesting that Los Angeles is described as a place with slower living and higher food differences. Washington D.C., on the other hand, has better work/life balance. If you are willing to try living in Los Angeles you should read a full guide about living in California and check all possible details.

A life guard tower
Los Angeles win in this competition with beaches

Taking all above in mind we concluded that in Los Angeles vs Washington D.C. rivaling the true winner is Los Angeles. Not only that it is urban and modern, but that also has great climate and geography. It also has a small cost of living and better entertainment.

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