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LA vs. Miami – where to move?

People usually decide to relocate if they have a good reason. Seldom do they do it just for the change of scenery. It usually takes a really good job to make someone move. Or a really special girl or boy. Of course, sometimes people move for a better college, but we can put that along with a good job in the “career” folder. All in all, moving is not an easy process, so people avoid it if they can. Especially if it involves different states. But, as we know, sometimes is necessary to do all the work and make some changes. If you have the opportunity to choose and you are in the mood for nice weather and laid-back lifestyle, LA vs. Miami is the battle you are struggling with. Will you make your California dream come true or will you move to sunny Florida? The good news is that you can’t really make a mistake, whichever you choose. So follow your gut.

What to consider in the LA vs. Miami dilemma?

Some people make decisions in the blink of an eye. And not only do they do it so fast, but they never regret it. Maybe because they figure that there’s no turning back, so they find a way to enjoy their decisions. For others, though, the decision-making process takes some serious time. They need to collect all the information, facts and reviews. They make checklists with what’s important to them, and then cross off one major thing by one. After that, there is usually some more thinking about the possible consequences, followed by a decision. So, yes, moving is complicated. You need to think about a lot of stuff, especially when moving from one state to another one. But, however complicated it may be, with the help of the good professionals, it doesn’t have to be a total nightmare. Also, support from family and friends is always great.

LA vs. Miami - house on a snail
Moving is not an easy task, but between LA vs. Miami – you can’t make a mistake

Speaking about the great stuff, we come to the ultimate fight between LA vs. Miami. If you are blessed enough to have the opportunity to choose between these two beautiful cities, you don’t really have problems. Nevertheless, you can still consider a few things to help you make a choice:

  • activities for everyday life,
  • the weather and scenery,
  • economy and educational possibilities.

After you go through these three topics, you will have it more clear as to who needs to win the LA vs. Miami fight.

Activities for everyday life

Here’s the thing. When thinking about LA vs. Miami, it’s a real struggle saying which has more activities for everyday life. The truth is they are very similar in that department. And we don’t only speak of the many museums, theatres, restaurants, and discotheques in every corner.

They are both big cities, with a laid-back lifestyle and easy-going people. So it will be no problem to fill up your days after school or work. Indoor and outdoor activities can be found all over the place. There are many extreme and recreational sports and activities around you where ever you decide to move to. Both cities can offer you great beaches for surfing and other water sports. Also, both California and Florida have a rich wildlife fauna, so you should be careful when you’re enjoying the outdoors. If you are moving with children, that can be challenging. There are ways to help children during the move, but don’t worry. Once you show them some of the beaches in any of the cities, they will run and won’t make a question whether LA vs. Miami to move.

A man on a skate at daytime
Whichever you choose, LA or Miami, a laid-back lifestyle will welcome you

The differences

Speaking of wildlife, Florida is a great place if you want to meet snakes, alligators and many different bugs. After all, it used to be swampland, so it’s no wonder. On the other hand, mountain lions are a real threat in California, so watch out for them if you are jogging outside LA. Also, if rock climbing is something that you are interested in, in LA vs. Miami battle, LA wins. Due to a different landscape, of course. But, if you are more a lover of Cuban culture, music, and food, in the LA vs. Miami faceoff – Miami wins.

The weather and scenery

The obvious fact is that both cities have a warm climate. Summers are long and hot and a real winter basically doesn’t exist. And that’s where the similarities between LA vs. Miami end. Nevertheless, if the sunny days are something that’s enough for you to decide to move to either LA or Miami, that’s great. Just learn how to save money when moving interstate and go for it. If you are moving from NYC or Chicago, you will appreciate the sunny weather and nice tan for sure.

The differences

Florida has a very tropical and humid climate. Although the summers are very hot, there is also a lot of rain. Especially in the late summer months, when is the hurricane season. That is why it’s important to hire professionals for moving, and not do it on your own. Visit the website and find out the necessary information on the subject.  If we set the hurricane season aside, we can say that it’s hot throughout the year and you can even go for a swim in the winter months. Whereas LA has a different story. You could say it has all four seasons, only with very mild winters. But you can’t dip your toes in the ocean in December.

A beach at sunset
You can go for a swim in Miami almost all year long

Economy and educational possibilities LA vs. Miami

If the sunny weather isn’t enough for you to decide that you want to live somewhere, maybe you should consider small stuff like opportunities to go to good schools, have a good job and make good money. Of course, this is a joke. Although it’s never fun talking about job, money, and taxes, these are the important stuff that will define your future. Moving is stressful as it is, but you could easily deal with moving stress it if you know that good things await for you afterword. So, it’s good to know that in the battle LA vs. Miami, both are winners in the terms of educational possibilities. You can choose between quality private and public schools, depending on your income and interests.

The differences

Florida has a lower cost of living and lower taxes than California. So, in the LA vs. Miami faceoff, this point would probably go to Miami. On the other hand, the economy is a little better in CA, so it’s easier to find a job. Which will make you pay big taxes, but hey, at least it’s going to be easier to change a job if you get over it. As you can see, both cities have some pros and cons. Ultimately, if nothing pushes you toward one or the other, you will make a choice with your gut. The great thing is that it’s going to be the right choice for you.

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