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How to relax when moving house?

As you probably know moving house is one of the most stressful experiences in life. And it doesn’t matter whether you’ve moved once or several times, you’ll probably know that this is true. However, thanks to the Internet you can find out how to relax when moving house. There are plenty of things you can do in advance to reduce stress and stay healthy. And eating well and getting a good night’s sleep is just the start!

Good organization is a key for relaxation

The first thing that can help you how to relax when moving is definitely the right organization. This is number one for a reason; without organization, you’re going nowhere fast. Everybody has their own tips and tricks when it comes to being organized, but for moving, the basics are the same. You need to set the moving date, check everything out, pack in an organized manner and make sure you’re on time. Sound simple? It’s not as easy as it sounds, particularly if you’re juggling a house move with working from home or the office and looking after your family. If you feel like stress is taking over you should take a break. Go for a run or a session at the gym to bust those stress hormones.

organizer calendar
When you are well organized, you have nothing to worry about!

Notify the people about your new address

Doing something else can help you how to relax when moving house. You can try not to think so much about moving, by finding something that will keep you occupied. For example, you can notify the right people about your new address. Not just your friends and family but your bank, as well as your utility providers. You need to know how to manage utilities before moving day comes. And if you fail to inform them, you could end up failing to hear about important bills or updates to your policies.

Visit your new home

Arriving in a new home can be a wonderful thing as it is a big life event. But it can also be extremely stressful. One of the best tips to reduce stress levels is to visit your new home a few times before you move in. You can get to know the area in advance. Find out what are the shops like? Are there train stations nearby? Where can you go to celebrate your new home? Check the parking situation.

Take yourself out

Taking yourself out can help you how to deal with moving stress. Once you unload the moving van, the last thing you want to do is spend hours in the kitchen cooking dinner. Make your first night a little easier and order in. If you have friends, family members, or colleagues in your new town, ask them which restaurants they prefer. Or, visit Yelp’s “Food” tab to browse different locations near your home.

Menu. Food is the best tip on how to relax when moving house.
What’s on the menu?

Eat healthily

Food can help you how to relax when moving house. A healthy diet will make you feel more energized and can balance mood swings. Eating foods high in protein will boost your energy levels and ensure you’re not hungry. Pack portable snacks for the whole family for a moving day. Particularly if you’re moving long-distance, as the urge to stop for fast-food at motorway service stations can be too much! You should also ensure you have plenty of water. Because staying hydrated helps you to focus and concentrate.

Keep active

Well, you can go for a walk. – You can take a walk and get to know your new neighborhood at the same time. Take 15 to 30 minutes and go on a walk around the main blocks near your house. And if you have a few extra minutes, feel free to introduce yourself to your neighbors along the way.

If you’re starting to feel really stressed out about moving, it’s important to remember to take some time out. A few minutes of meditation, a workout or even half an hour of reading with a cup of green tea can help you to feel less under pressure. There’s no denying that moving can be stressful, but time for yourself is still important.

Research shows that exercise can help reduce stress levels or you can use apps that can help you stay healthy. So squeezing in time to go for a run with a friend or a pilates class is a really good idea when you’re moving house. Leave the packing for later and get some vitamin D by taking your workout outside. After a workout and you’ll be full of energy and ready to go!

run, runner, athlete, exercise
Find your own way to relax when moving house!

Tips on how to relax when moving house

  • Nap is always the best solution when it comes to everything, especially moving. Because moving requires a lot of energy and focus since you have so many tasks to accomplish in a short period of time. To finish everything as soon as possible, you are probably going to need a few hours of sleep. Whether you sleep for 30 minutes or 3 hours, you’ll feel calmer. If you don’t like to take naps in the afternoon, then go to bed early instead. Anyway, a nap is a great tip to help you how to relax when moving house.
  • Massage therapists specialize in the art of relaxation. Check online for massage clinics near your home and schedule an appointment for certified respite. And since most massage therapists use soothing music, techniques, and oils, you’ll feel prepared in no time.
  • Read a book – you can visit the local library and sign up for a library card. Once you’ve set up an account, check out a few books you like and take a few hours to read through them. You can choose the latest “How to” book or a sci-fi novel, depending on which genre you prefer.
  • Shopping – is the best therapy for a stressful day of moving. Stop by the closest mall and explore the different stores inside. Buy a few new decorations for your home or a new outfit for your wardrobe. If you’d rather not spend any money right after your move, opt for window shopping instead. Make a list of items you’d like to buy and come back another time.

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