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How to Disassemble a Pool Table?

When you are relocating and you have to move a pool table, it can be a tricky business. Especially if you’re doing it alone, without the help of professional movers. Still, if you have the right tools and use some tricks and tips, you can disassemble a pool table on your own and make it ready for a move. Just make sure that you arm yourself with a lot of patience and muscle strength.

What type of pool table do you need to disassemble?

Different pool tables are disassembled differently. The more mechanisms the pool table have, the harder it will be to disassemble it properly.
Prepare yourself in advance that you will have to deal with moving stress, and that this task can have many obstacles.
While you’ll need the same tools, the amount of time, nerves, knowledge,  and strength vary depends on the type of pool table.
First of all, determine what type of pool table you’re dealing with:

  • Standard slate table
    This is the most common type of the home pool tables. As such, it’s easiest to take apart. It has a wood frame, heavy slate bed, and leather drop pockets, which you can disassemble alone safely if you are very careful.
  • Coin operating and pool tables with return mechanisms
    While these kinds of pool tables have many removable parts, disassembling is much trickier due to its sensitive mechanism. Before you even try to disassemble a pool table with any kind of mechanism, make sure that you study the manual instructions with utmost attention.
  • Tables with a fiberboard surface
    If you don’t know exactly how to properly disassemble a pool table of this type, don’t even try it. You can cause a lot of damage since this is the most delicate type of the pool table. It’s worth every penny to put relocation of such object to the pool table movers, even if your move is a local one. All the other types you maybe can handle on your own, but this one is almost impossible to disassemble and move safely without the help of professionals.

Necessary tools to disassemble a pool table

Before you start to take apart your pool table, make sure that you have all the necessary tools in one place. It’s also important to stack up with packing supplies, so you can pack the parts right away. So start looking for cheap packing materials and gathering the tools at least a few days after you start to disassemble a pool table.
The tools that you will need:    

  • Drill with flat-head
  • Socket wrench and ratchet wrenches for drill (14mm and 15mm)
  • Flat-head screwdriver or staple puller
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Moving blankets and moving boxes
  • Protective plastic wrappings
  • Markers for labeling
  • Plastic bags with zippers (for small removable parts)
Two screwdrivers and screws
A screwdriver will be your biggest ally when you disassemble a pool table.

How to disassemble a standard slate pool table

Whether you are preparing for a cross country relocation or you’re moving just a few blocks, it is crucial to prepare for the move. Amongst other things, that will mean to pack your belongings. When you have a large object like a pool table, the best idea is to pack it last.
Since you will probably take it apart to make transportation easier, first you need to declutter your home before moving. That way, you’ll have plenty of clear space that disassembling pool table requires.

Step 1 – Removing staples from pockets

If you go under the table, it will be easier to detach the pockets.
First, remove the pocket liners if present, and then the screws or staples of the pocket straps. When pockets are loose, store them in a safe place.

Note: Make sure to wear goggles to protect your eyes in case that you drop one of the staples while you’re under the table.

Step 2 – Detach the rail bolts underneath each rail

Under each rail, there are usually three or four bolts. Use the socket wrench to remove them.
Simply unscrew each bolt and lift the rail as one piece.
However, if you have the old model of the pool table with special bolts with two holes, you will need a forked tool to remove it.

Step 3 – Detaching the felt from the slate bed

Felt is usually stapled or glued to the slate.
Either way, it will require a delicate touch to detach it.
Remove it very slowly and carefully to avoid ripping. If the felt is old and wear out, and you’re meaning to replace it, this is the perfect timing.

Take off the felt when you disassemble a pool table.
You can save a lot of time by tearing the felt, and then replacing it with a new one when you reassemble your pool table.

Step 4: Unscrew the slate

Since slate ultimately determines the integrity of the game, you need to be extremely careful. After you remove the felt, you may determine whether is one piece or three pieces slate. With caution, pull the screws from the slate. Once the slate is free, lift it out of the pool table’s body. It will require some muscle strength.
Still, if the screws are stippled, that means that you’ll probably need to move your pool table in one piece.

Step 5: Disconnect the legs

Once the slate is is successfully off of the body of the table, it’s time for detaching the legs of the pool table. Simply unscrew the legs and remove them.

Step 6: Check that all removable pieces are packed and labeled correctly

Once you disassemble your pool table, make sure that you’ve packed organized and label all the removable parts. II you did that, all that’s left is to transport your dismantled pool table safely to your new home.

When you disassemble a pool table, label all the removable parts.
Make sure to label all the boxes with removable pool table parts, including the ones with billiard sticks and balls.

Should you hire a pool table movers?

When you have to relocate bulky object like a pool table, hiring professionals to do that for you is always the best decision. It’s the guarantee that your pool table will arrive at your new home safely and without any damages. Of course, if you hire a good and reliable moving company. The experts with many moves under their belt know exactly how to disassemble a pool table of any type, pack it and transport it in the safest matter.
It’s the best solution for easy and stress-free relocation. Just imagine how much time and nerves you will save when you delegate this pesky choir to the trained professionals.

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