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Hire furniture movers and avoid injuries once and for all

The day you decide it is time to move has got to come sooner or later in your life. For some people, it comes so often they have a feeling they are nomads with no permanent place they call home. Regardless of the number of times you relocate, the process itself can be quite tiresome. It is time-consuming, stressful, and quite often, emotionally and physically exhausting. Certainly, you gain experience the more times you go through it, but you can never have enough assistance or tips. The question of all questions when you are planning a move is – do you hire a professional moving company or not? Well, we say – stop pondering and hire furniture movers and avoid injuries once and for all! The whole “not being wealthy enough to buy cheap” can be translated onto this very situation.

Moving 101

All right, the relocation is definite! You should know the stress is coming, whether you want it or not. To cope with the stress of moving, you need to give yourself time to prepare for the move. So, at the very beginning of the move, here’s what you should do:

making a list on the computer and paper when you are deciding whether to hire furniture movers and avoid injuries
Check, check and check!
  • Make a plan
  • Set a date for the move
  • Get your affairs in order
  • Collect documents and mementos and keep them safe
  • Declutter your home
  • Set a budget
  • Do the research
  • Hire a moving company
  • Collect moving boxes gradually
  • Get moving insurance
  • Make a to-do list
  • Update your utilities
  • Update your address

If you don’t know where to begin, or you have never moved before, there is a lot you can find out at And don’t worry, so many have done this before you, you can research everything you need to know.

Do you hire furniture movers and avoid injuries or ask friends for help and hope for the best?

As the moving day approaches, the actual moving of your belongings in up. Now, depending on your budget, your age, the amount of stuff you have, you make this decision. Sure, there are pros and cons to either choice, so you weigh in on your options. Option 1 – ask friends for help and hope you don’t throw your back out. Option 2 – hire furniture movers and avoid injuries and keep yourself sane.

Light moving

If you are moving with only your clothes, books and light appliances, then sure, you might ask your friends to chip in. Surely, you would do it for them, so why not cash in on your favor in advance? Or even try doing it yourself! On the other hand, if you are disassembling all your furniture, the work is far more demanding. First and foremost – you might don’t know how to disassemble your furniture. Or even – what should and what shouldn’t be disassembled. You need to reevaluate this move. And add up some hidden expenses, and some things that value much more than money – your time and your health. So, are you thinking to yourself – maybe hire furniture movers and avoid injuries this time? Keep reading, you will get to it!

Doing the heavy lifting

Have you thought about how difficult it may be to lift, pack, move and load your things onto the moving truck? Furthermore, both you and your little helpers can throw you back out, injure your legs or hands, get too exhausted. On top of all this – you can actually cause extensive damage to your belongings. You might not have the appropriate tools and equipment for the necessary work. And finally, do you know how to properly load the moving truck? Sure, you played lots of Tetris in your days, but it might not be helpful.

Friends hugging after the decision to hire furniture movers and avoid injuries
Keep your friends – hire furniture movers and avoid injuries!

And, on a completely different note – you could mess up your relationship with your friends. So, keep in mind that if you decide to ask your friends for help, you need to do it properly. Know that is a big favor and act accordingly.

Benefits from deciding to hire furniture movers and avoid injuries

Professional movers have the knowledge and experience in moving large furniture. If you do the research and choose a reliable moving company you can relax and focus on other things. You will be happy, knowing that these are professionals that are specialized in moving large items. That they have the expertise, the resources, and the necessary equipment to properly store your furniture. Professional movers will pack, load, transport, and unpack your belongings more efficiently than you ever could. Furthermore, they are familiar with furniture removal techniques, with different types of material, and they will take care of each item you find valuable. Lastly, they have a vast knowledge of assembling and disassembling items you wish to relocate but are uncertain on whether it would be possible.

man shooting pool
Keeping the game room through the move

Let’s say, for example, you have a game room. Naturally, you wish to safely move your games, pool table, dart board, arcade games, comfy couch, entertainment center, and all other things your favorite room holds. Do you know how to disassemble or reassemble a billiard table? Are you familiar with how much it weighs? Well, luckily for you, there are professionals that know exactly how important this room is for you, and can give you a hand. So you might try hiring reliable billiard table moving experts the next time you organize a relocation.

What can you do by yourself?

Remember, moving is such a big and extensive process that there are a lot of things you can do on your own. You have so many things to do even if you hire furniture movers and avoid injuries. With injuries not making the situation worse, you can:

Two people holding cardboard boxes in the street
Boxes, boxes, and more boxes
  • Gather boxes – either from your friends or local grocery stores. This is actually a nice way to save some money.
  • Pack all the things you can easily pack on your own – clothes, kitchen items, light appliances, small furniture.
  • Label the boxes – especially those containing fragile items.
  • Clean the house and the things you pack.
  • Keep all the important things with you or in a safe place – documents, photos, mementos, cash, jewelry, medicine.

 So what’s it gonna be?

We cannot stress enough how stressful moving can be. Pun intended. It takes a while, there are so many things to think about and to do. No matter how much you plan for it, eventually you feel like you are rushing through. You feel like you will forget something. And chances are you will. And chances are even bigger you might get hurt while in such a hurry. You can stumble, hurt your back, fall, sprain an ankle, even get a hernia lifting all the heavy boxes and things. So, why not get help? If we haven’t convinced you by now, let’s give it a go once more – Hire furniture movers and avoid injuries once and for all! It is worth every penny, says every person that tried to move on their own ever.

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