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Get ready for your Georgia move: downsizing tips

Living in a big home is great for big families. Big families need space so everyone could have privacy at some point. But smaller families of two, three members don’t need to be living in a big home. Yes, it is nice. But what about cleaning, bills and other responsibilities that may be too much for a small family. As small families don’t really need big homes, moving into a smaller home is the best option for families like these. But adjusting to life in a smaller home isn’t easy for people who used to live in a big home. By following these downsizing tips you will make your move and the life in your new, smaller home easier and much nicer.

The beginning

Living in Georgia is great, especially in Atlanta and Athens. These cities are perfect if you are looking to downsize. It’s easy to find inexpensive homes that aren’t big or too small. If you live outside of Georgia, you should try finding a state to state moving experts in Georgia. They can provide you all the information you need about relocating from one state to another.

The next step

Once you’ve decided on the location of your new home, we suggest hiring a moving company to help you move. They are professionals who will make your moving process much easier. But be careful. Make sure to hire a reliable company such as Verified Movers. We are sure you don’t want to feel that your belongings are not safe and sound.

Atlanta, Georgia.
Atlanta is one of the most beautiful cities in the USA.

Downsizing tips

If you do the packing the right way, the unpacking will be smooth and easy. And you don’t want to add on extra stress onto yourself. Moving is definitely stressful and knowing how to handle the moving stress will come in handy. While packing try to get rid of as many things as you can. Do you really need all those books? Is that chair really going to improve the look of your new home? You have to keep in mind that those things are just material things. Try not to hold onto them as you can easily replace them at any time. Just keep the things that have sentimental value and things you know you most certainly need in your new home.

  • declutter
  • donate
  • give it up for sale on the internet
  • have a yard sale

There are many ways which you can get rid of your stuff. Besides, isn’t it better to have a few new things in your new home? It will make you feel the change and not feel bad or scared of it. Also, make sure that the things you are keeping with you are useful. If it’s something you like but don’t use, what’s the point? Smaller places tend to get messy quicker than big ones. And smaller homes have smaller storage. Which means you will be more limited when it comes to “hoarding” stuff in your storage. Make sure that you are using the most out of the small storage you have. Put up a lot of shelves, hangers and use other tips and tricks on how to stretch your small storage to fit more things.


As you’ve lived in a bigger house you probably have a lot of furniture. And furniture in big spacious homes is bigger than the furniture that is meant for smaller ones. If you keep furniture that is too big for your small home it will make it feel even smaller and more crowded which isn’t good. It will make you feel trapped and your space will be limited. So think about selling your old furniture and buy a new one that is more suitable for your new apartment. Plus you have an excuse to change up the style of your home. And shopping for furniture is always fun.

A chair on the street.
Get rid of the furniture you don’t need.

Downsizing tips for moving with children

For children, moving is really scary. Especially if you are moving from one state to another. If they have any friends, they’ll probably be sad about leaving and there’s nothing you can really do about it. Another thing is, children are usually more attached to a place. More than adults at least. So to them, this change might come as a shock. It’s important to help your kids during the move and provide them with everything they need in the new home. You have to make sure that you have a park nearby where your kid is going to run and have fun while outside. Moving into a smaller home will limit their playing space for sure. Especially if the child had a big spacious home or a backyard.

child next to a window.
Moving can be stressful for children too.

Settling down in your new home

New beginnings are great. You will feel more refreshed when all the stress of moving is finally done. While unpacking, you need to know in what order to unpack. So the bedroom stuff and your clothes come first. After that, it’s time to unpack the bathroom and the kitchen essentials. The living room should come last as you’ll mostly clean and sleep for the first few days. If you follow these downsizing tips and decluttered right you will be all done very quickly and ready for a new start.

Downsizing isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After downsizing you will have more time as you will be doing less cleaning around the house. Your bills will be much more affordable. Your new home will be much nicer than your old one if you did all the downsizing tips we gave you. Don’t forget to enjoy every moment in your new home. Throw a housewarming party, it is a great way to start the new chapter. Spend time with your friends and family. It will have a positive impact on you after all the stress of the move.


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